Everything You Need to Know Charm Bracelets

Everything You Need to Know Charm Bracelets

What is a charm bracelet?

A charm bracelet is a bracelet which is adorned with “charms”, such as decorative trinkets. Most of the times, these charms carry personal attachment of the person. It is a perfect way to keep everything close to you. You can customize your charm bracelet according to your preference and let your charm bracelet do the talking to the world. Charm bracelets for girls are quite popular these days. The best of the charm bracelets is that it can last a lifetime, and you can expand it with new pieces to mark special occasions.

History of charm bracelet

If we look back, charms were in use since ancient times. Even the knights of medieval age wore charms for protection in battle. It was in the Victorian era, that the tradition of modern charm bracelets, made from silver or some other metal came into trend. Over the past decade, there’s been a rise in the popularity of silver charm bracelets for girls.

What do charms mean?

Every charm stands as a symbol to something, therefore, you should know yourself better to pick a perfect charm for yourself as it will define your personality. There’s a story knitted in each charm bracelet. A charm bracelet becomes perfect if it’s a curation of the things which are near to your heart, something symbolizing family, hobbies, or things that give peace or warm feeling.

Religious and spiritual symbols

One of the popular choices among people is spiritual symbols, they are worn as a sign of faith or to get blessings. Svasti charm, om charm, holy cross charm are few of the popular religious charms. Tree of life, which is a universal symbol for wisdom, protection, strength, beauty, and redemption, also stands tall in this category.

Zodiac Symbols

People also prefer picking up charms which are related to zodiac signs. Most of the times, they are combined with a precious stone or gem which indicates the birthstone connected to each zodiac sign. These kinds of charms make great gifts on birthdays or the arrival of a new baby.

Symbols related to nature

Here is a whole range of flora and fauna we are blessed with. Insects, animals, plants and everything else related to nature comes in this category. Ladybirds, cats, dogs, dolphins, and various types of the leaf are quite popular in this category. Nature charms can be an ideal gift to anyone who is an animal lover or feels at peace in nature.

Charms that bring good luck

If we go back to the roots of wearing charms, one of the reasons why people looked at charms was to bring good luck. This category includes things that encourage, instill a self-belief or simply inspires you. A cloverleaf, horseshoe, wing of an angel, dreamcatcher are the few of the ones which remain on the top of the list. You can gift these good luck charms to someone you care for and who is close to your heart or you can buy it for yourself for true inspiration.

Charms related to hobbies

Charms related to hobbies are also in high demand these days. These consist of sports-related charms like a bat, tennis racket, etc, music-related, which mainly have musical instruments, charms related to travel and many more.

Alphabet charms

Alphabet charms will surely make you stand out in the crowd. The alluring alphabet charms are unique, you can wear them as a single alphabet or can form a word.

Indian masala charms

The latest trend among charms is the Indian masala charms. They are unique and innovative. This category includes interesting things from India like autorickshaw, charkha, etc. You can easily find these Indian theme charms online.

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