Five Types of Summer Dresses to Try Out in Summer

Five Types of Summer Dresses to Try Out in Summer

Whether you love colours or want to try out different styles, summer is the perfect time for upgrading your fashion. This is when you can flaunt a great outfit without the baggage of pullovers and sweaters. However, to be able to do that, you need to add some classic and trendy outfits to your wardrobe. This includes everything from long sleeve dresses to short floral printed skirts. 

With the global market for dresses and skirts at an all-time high, there is no shortage of options. So, if you want to flaunt a style that is hotter than the weather outside, you will need the following options.  

Long Sleeve Dresses 

The long sleeve dresses have always remained a classic, with fashion houses like Gucci, Alexander Wang and Herve Leger promoting them. You can easily match a black leather belt and colourful sneakers with the long sleeve dresses. These are versatile pieces of attire that allow you to flaunt those legs you have been working hard on. 

Even the body-conscious people can wear these dresses as it allows you to flaunt skin without overdoing it. The dress shifts the focus to your legs, giving more symmetry to your appearance.

Puff or Balloon Sleeve Dresses

The puff sleeve trend has hit the fashion industry for a long time, and it is not going away soon. There is a good reason for that. According to fashion house Vogue, the dress made its debut in the fashion industry in spring 2018. Ever since fashion houses have been going gaga over the Victorian-inspired romantic dresses. 

You will find many varieties in colour and design when looking for puff sleeve dresses. Renowned fashion house Fendi even offers puff-sleeved sweaters. However, these dresses can give your appearance the perfect dramatic look as you walk down the street. 

Wrap Dresses

When discussing summer fashion, it is impossible not to talk about wrap dresses. This unique dress is a staple style statement for summer fashion. The asymmetrical pattern and mid-length cut, along with some funky colours, add panache to your style. 

Plus, the dress is highly versatile, and you can pair it with anything, from some heavy-duty leather boots to a pair of casual strapped sandals. 

Maxi Dresses

The maxi dress is another excellent addition to your summer wardrobe and is a highly versatile apparel. You must include a few of these dresses in your summer wardrobe as they are as comfortable as they look good. These dresses will flaunt your shoulders and arms and shift the focus from your belly. 

The long dress covers you in perfect symmetry and gives your body a mannequin-like appearance. You can pair the dress with a denim jacket, some crystal earrings and a pony-tailed hairstyle. 

Floral Dresses 

Do not ignore the floral printed dresses and skirts if you want to stand out with your summer fashion. The design is a classic and provides a fresh outlook that goes well with any of the styles mentioned above. Your summer and spring fashion wardrobe will be incomplete without some floral prints, and there are too many choices to leave you spoilt. 


Remember, summer is the time for light-coloured clothes and flowery designs. With the scorching heat outside, you would want to keep yourself fresh and comfortable longer. You will never be out of place again with the top five trending dress styles mentioned above. So, add these to your wardrobe today, if you haven’t already, and ensure second glances from onlookers.

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