Four Ways Melbourne Tattoo Advised

Four Ways Melbourne Tattoo Advised

The healing of the tattoo is the most important aspect of your art piece. The opinions and advice are endless; many people would be interested in advising you in this situation. The right person would be the one who has done this artful work on your body. Top Melbourne tattoo artists will give you the advice which is very useful and beneficial in the healing of your ink tattoo.

A tattoo takes anywhere between 7 to 14 days to look fully healed, depending on the type, style, size, and placement. The truth is that it can improve all by itself in about a month of time, after that the ink is locked and does not come on the surface of the skin.

The bandage

When the tattoo artist completes the tattoo design, they will perhaps clean the skin with green soap and water. Then they will apply an ointment to remove bacteria. They will bandage you with the sterile absorbing pad. Do not take the bandage off to show the tattoo to your family and friends it is not a good idea. The period is critical, and it needs to be protected. After first 2 to 4 hours you can remove the bandage and first clean it with the non-scented liquid antibacterial soap. Do not scrub and use clean hands to wash it.


Many tattoo enthusiasts have a separate set of the sheet for when they get inked. In the morning you may find some stamped stains on the sheet. Again as advised by Top Melbourne tattoo artists the best thing is that your skin needs breathing to promote and speed up the healing process. So if you can sleep with your tattoo exposed to air that would be the best. If required take and place a thin towel between your tattoo and the bed sheet. In the morning you might find your sheet stuck to you, don’t peel the sheet rather take it in the shower and wet it off with lukewarm water.

Don’t Pick Scabs

In few days of time, your tattoo will start looking normal, and redness over it should go away. You may find that it starts looking duller, this happens typically on large tattoos. You will find some scabbing form as well. It is normal, watch it carefully, it should not be hefty. Do not pick at the scabbing. It will ruin the tattoo. You also may find that some color is coming off while putting ointment or during cleaning process that also normal. This scenario will last over 4 to 10 days.


Clothing is a big factor in your healing process. Depending on which place you get your tattoo done on your body, you must wear loose fitting clothes. The tattoo needs breathing as advised by Top Melbourne tattoo artists, so free cloth is advisable especially for women. Foot tattoos should be taken extra care as one needs to be without shoes or closed footwear for about a week. Shoes, socks are breeding ground for bacteria’s.

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