Glasses on Sale Only at Specscart!

Glasses on Sale Only at Specscart!

If you have ever been to a glasses store then it won’t come as a surprise to you that glasses in the UK are very expensive. The average cost of glasses is around £88 which is quite a lot. Not everyone can afford to spend this much money on a pair of prescription glasses. The most basic pair costs this much and if you get them coated with protective coatings, then guessing the price of a pair is futile.

A UK born startup, We are here to solve all your eyewear troubles. The company manufactures the glasses and sunglasses in its in-house production units at Manchester. Then they directly supply it to the customers, thus, reducing the prices.

The prices are low but the quality isn’t. All the glasses go through three quality checks at the lab so that you get the value for your money. Additionally, three protective coatings namely, anti-glare, varifocals, anti-UV, and anti-scratch are added to all glasses and sunglasses for free. With an impact-resistant material, the glasses. With discounted prices all year round, Our sells eyewear at less than 70% prices from the highstreet.

Glasses Collection on Sale

  • Aviator Glasses:- Aviators in the present time have become a unisex accessory. The tear-drop shaped frame looks amazing with almost all face shapes. A timeless accessory, aviator glasses are a must-have for everyone.
  • Cat-eye Glasses:- With cat-eye glasses, you can manage to look jaw-dropping without going overboard. Not many people know that now men also flaunt cat-eye glasses as beautifully as women. Whether you like them oversized or tiny, cat-eye glasses will surely make you the center of attraction. If you have a heart or round-shaped face, cat-eye glasses should be given a chance.
  • Wayfarer Glasses:- You can never go wrong with the classic wayfarers black glasses. Giving the perfect bold and sophisticated look, wayfarer glasses can be your perfect companion for all occasions. Suitable for all the people with round or oval face shapes, wayfarers will add some definition and sharpness to your facial features.
  • Browline Glasses:- The frame of the browline glasses perfectly matches the same way eyebrows frame the eyes. These are a very popular choice of frame. Drawing attention to the user’s browline, browline glasses are one of the most defining eyeglasses styles in today’s time. The proportions of the oblong face shape can be flawlessly balanced by browline frames. These create an illusion in making the face look wider and more square.
  • Round Glasses:- Retro and round glasses frame go hand in hand. Back in the day, these were very popular and now, they have made a comeback. For all the people who have a sharply pointed square or diamond-shaped faces, this frame is perfect for you. For inspiration, you can see how beautiful these look on Kendall Jenner or Samuel L. Jackson. For all the Harry Potter fans, the round glasses can have a deeper meaning which shows the amount of love they have for the series.

All these collections of men’s glasses and sunglasses are available on our website. The various types of frames can be ordered in various designs, colors, and materials. Getting your prescription added in any frame is also an easy process. Moreover, you can get a blue light filter coating added to your glasses for adding visual comfort for everyday digital screen viewing.

A free home trial is offered for seven days for four frames of eyeglasses. Ask your friends or family which frame looks best on you and then only buy your glasses. After seven days the frame which you like will be sent to you with the 24-hour dispatch services.

Grab this amazing opportunity and buy your glasses now!

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