Groom Fashion Mistakes That Should be Avoided At Any Cost

Groom Fashion Mistakes That Should be Avoided At Any Cost


It is not very difficult for grooms to suit up well and achieve a dapper appearance for their wedding function. However, there are certain elements that could lead to a massive failure if not avoided at the right time. There are a couple of common groom fashion mistakes that every groom must keep in mind to save themselves from predicament on the big day.

We have jotted down these most common fashion mistakes from a couple of fashion experts, internet sources, and some grooms as well. Bookmark these severe mistakes and achieve a flawless and dapper groom on your special day.

Wearing Formals for a Casual Wedding

While you badly want to wear the newly launched and stunning formal Armani suit on your wedding, but that doesn’t help you if the theme of the function is casual.  The time and theme of the wedding is a huge factor when it comes to choosing exemplary groom wear in Ludhiana. While the light color tuxedos or sherwani work best for the early morning and afternoon events, darker color suits can do the wonder in the evening ceremonies.

Similarly, for casual events like Mehndi or Sangeet ceremony, the formal suit won’t do justice with your appearance but the vibrant color kurta or achkan can spruce up your appearance.

Don’t Ignore Your Shoes

Most of the grooms ignore the shoes when selecting an outfit for the big day. While not many of guests will be staring at your shoes, but it is quite important you should select the shoes that resonate well with your outfit.

The shoes you select will surely pop up in your wedding photographs and if they don’t look well or seems untidy, your wedding photographs will get ruined for sure. When looking for the shoes, make sure they are comfortable to wear and must resonate with the outfit. If you have purchased new shoes for the wedding, wear them for some time in your house and ask the opinion of family members. If the vibes are right, then you are good to go otherwise, hop on to different options.

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Never Underestimate the Power of Right Socks

You must be laughing like hell after reading that socks do play a crucial role in attaining the perfect wedding makeover. Trust us, they do. Socks are one of the most integral elements that you must choose wisely if you want to pull off the perfect

wedding makeover

Usually, white, black, and grey color socks are good to go with the wedding outfits, but make sure they are of supreme quality and don’t leave colors after washing. Majority of the grooms and groomsmen prefer to wear funky color socks that are quite bold in appearance. They are good options to get colorful and vibrant photographs.

Don’t Forget the Little Details

If you are planning to wear heavy metal accessories like a bracelet or a brooch, cuff links, tie clip, ensure to stick to one shade. Picking the metal accessories of different color shades will render you a garish look. Either the accessories should be all silver, gold, or all rose gold in color, or if you are keen to bring different color metal accessories, you have to give the impression that it is the latest combination riding high on trend.

Ditch Sunglasses. They Don’t Look Cool All The Time

One of the biggest fashion mistakes that modern-day grooms commit is wearing sunglasses all the time. They think it makes them cool and dashing, but the truth is a big no. One of the best parts of wedding ceremonies is when the bride and the groom see each other for the first time, the glare for each other create a certain kind of magic in the environment.

Grooms who leave their sunglasses on during the ceremony missing golden moments to look into each other’s eyes and tell how captivating they both are looking.

Wearing Wrinkly Suit

The biggest mistake a groom can commit is wearing a wrinkly suit on the big day. Agree or not, even the most perfectly tailored suit can look gawky if it has a myriad of wrinkles in it. Even if you are planning to wear the wrinkly suit, make sure it doesn’t have a crease.

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