T-shirts Guide- How to Design Your T-shirts by Yourself

T-shirts Guide- How to Design Your T-shirts by Yourself

T-shirt is such comfortable and maintenance-free wear that we don’t want to get rid of it. It is such everyday wear that you may find the replica of your t-shirt on other’s bodies as well. And when the t-shirt looks better on another guy, then the heart gets into pieces. Custom clothes are the best way out to not to face this kind of odd situation.

If you invest in excellent brands, it is possible to have a comparatively more unique t-shirt, but you can find a twin of your t-shirt soon on someone else. Seeing the same piece of cloth on others can make you hate your favorite t-shirt.  If you use some of your creativity, then you can design a custom t-shirt. Design hill can also help you with some pro ideas and design.

Here we have some tips that you can use to design unique and custom clothes. Get some inspiration from here and design custom clothes to look unique and different;

Ultimate Guide to Design your T-shirt by Yourself

Nothing can beat the happiness of wearing clothes designed by you. Initially, the idea of creating custom clothes looks complicated, but in reality, it is easy to create a t-shirt. You can use your creative skills on a t-shirt or take some design inspiration from Designhill to make a t-shirt for you. Here are some ideas that can help you to design a t-shirt for yourself by yourself. To create a t-shirt, you will have to follow these seven steps;

1. Why do you Need a T-shirt?

First, find out why you need a customized 3/4 sleeve shirt as the design will depend on your requirement. If you want it to promote any brand or your business, you will have to put the logo and the name of the company on it. If you need it to gift someone, then you may need a photo or some quote. The design of a custom t-shirt will depend on its need, so be clear why you need a t-shirt.

2. What is Your Budget?

At Design Hill, you can various options in different price ranges, so decide your budget for a t-shirt first. You will find the quality of the t-shirt will increase with the budget. The better design you want, the more you will have to pay for it. An advanced idea about the budget for t-shirts will lead you to get some good deals. At design hill, different kinds of t-shirts are available at a diverse price range. When you are sure about the budget, then choosing one will be easy for you.

3. Printing Option

You must know about the available printing option to get a customized t-shirt. You can choose one of the printing options from the available ones based on your budget and quantity. The occasion to wear a t-shirt and its purpose to get custom clothes also play essential roles in deciding a suitable printing option. You can choose one of the following printing option to get some unique and custom t-shirts;

  • Screen Printing
  • Vinyl Graphics
  • Direct on Garment Printing

Discuss the pros and cons of the printing method with your designers, and then go ahead with the most suitable one.

4. Choose a design concept.

The next step is to have custom clothes is to choose the design concept. The concept of design will vary from the kind of t-shirt you are planning to wear. First, choose the t-shirt type. It should be according to the trends, popularity, and weather at you. If you live in a cold area, you can replace a t-shirt with a capped hoodie or zipped jacket. Once you decide the type of cloth, then start working on the design. The design you will draw will be small, but it will get printed on 18X18 canvas, so keep this in mind while sketching down your brainchild. The font size and font color of the quote’s brand name should be visible on the custom t-shirt. Choose the t-shirt color wisely so that the print or quote mentioned on it gets highlighted easily.

5. Find a Designer

The most crucial part of designing custom clothes is to get a designer. You can contact Designhill to find a pro designer to get custom clothes.

6. Check the Design

The designer will evaluate your design and customize it based on your requirements and the colors you have chosen. An experienced or creative designer plays well with color, and to make your t-shirt attractive, you need one unique design that can make your t-shirt attractive.

7. Get Everything on one Plate.

Once Everything sorts out like color, type, and quality of cloth, printing type, and design, your designer will offer you a trial print. You will have to check if Everything is fine and fulfill your purpose, and if you find it useful, give a go-ahead to the designer.

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