How To Pull Off Wearing Multiple Rings at Once
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How To Pull Off Wearing Multiple Rings at Once

How To Pull Off Wearing Multiple Rings at Once

Ring stacking is a tried-and-true trend that isn’t going anywhere. Whether you stack rings that are silver, gold, or rose gold, adorning your hands with multiple pieces is a fun way to accessorize and a great way to personalize the way you wear your jewelry. You get to show off your unique style and make a statement with a stackable ring set, but how exactly do you style this trend? If you’re planning to wear multiple rings at once, here’s how you can pull off ring stacking.

Think about your metals.

When it comes to stackable rings, are you planning to wear the same metals or mix and match? If you’re going for a more minimalist style, you may want to stick to a ring set that’s made of sterling silver or even a gold ring set. People often choose metals that complement their skin’s undertones. For example, if you have warm undertones, you might gravitate toward gold rings. One of Kendra Scott’s best sellers is the Larissa Band Ring in 18k gold vermeil. The company makes affordable, high-quality jewelry and has plenty of rings to choose from! When you have cooler undertones, you might gravitate toward sterling silver, like the Ensley Silver Band in White Diamond. Still, there’s no need to limit yourself to one type. You can mix and match to add some flair! Just choose two metals and pick one dominant color. Then, add the other metal throughout your ring stack as an accent.

Choose a statement piece to build around.

If you have a statement stackable ring that you love, make it stand out. Pick daintier pieces so that your bold ring draws the most attention. If your statement stackable ring is a thicker band and has a fun design, you may want to choose rings that are more minimal and of thinner weight to build around it. A bold ring is meant to be a focal point, so it’s best to eliminate other distracting pieces of jewelry. Perhaps you might want to consider a ring set that’s on the simpler side to really show off your anchor piece.

Find a balance.

Find a balance

Wearing multiple rings at once is all about finding a balance. If you plan on wearing a stackable ring, start layering rings one at a time. Don’t put on too many at once and try to evaluate whether it’s visually balanced. You can begin by putting one ring on each finger that you want to add rings to, then start stacking. It may be best to avoid chunky pieces and choose thinner weights instead. That way, you can avoid too much clutter on your hands. When you’re just starting out, dainty rings are a great way to learn how to layer your rings correctly.

Make it your own and have fun!

This is the fun part! In general terms, you should style your stackable ring set in your own unique way. Start with these baseline rules, then find a way to personalize your rings. You can choose to be minimal or stack rings with intricate designs that are a lot more fun and bold. Have fun with your style and experiment with different types of metals and shapes. Switch them to different fingers or a different hand. Wear midi rings or stacking bands, whatever speaks to you.

Wearing multiple rings is a great way to add interest to any outfit. It can take an ensemble from basic to trendy! Plus, there are a variety of different best sellers you can choose from at Kendra Scott. Whether you love sterling silver or prefer to stay gold, ring stacking is a great way to show off your personal style.

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