Improve Your Problems of Pancreases

Improve Your Problems of Pancreases

Patients suffering from Diabetes mellitus don’t just have problems with their pancreases. Diabetes also brings other problems along with it. One of the most common problems that affect diabetics is that of sensitive feet. It is a condition in that the soles of the feet become tender and slightly swollen. This condition may not be painful all the time, but it certainly affects the patient’s balance, causing him or her to fall down more often. One way of keeping this problem under control, apart from taking appropriate medication, is to wear diabetic socks.

What are diabetic socks?

Thin Diabetic dress socks are specially developed for providing support to the soles of the feet, and keeping the entire sole under uniform pressure, throughout the day. This helps in reducing swelling of the feet and providing superior comfort when walking. The socks have extra padding near the heels, to relieve the pressure when a person puts on them when walking. Apart from that, the socks are really comfortable by virtue of the non-irritating, flat toe seams. In fact, the person who wears the socks may actually forget that he or she is not wearing regular socks.

Are these socks only for diabetics?

No, not really. Anybody with tender feet can wear Ladies diabetic dress socks, and benefit from them. For instance, patients suffering from arthritis can wear these socks to relieve pain in their heels and ankles. People who often get blisters or ulcers on their feet due to physiological problems can also try these socks. The socks will protect the sensitive skin on the feet of these individuals, and prevent the formation of blisters.

Even people whose feet sweat a lot and give rise to a musty smell in their shoes will benefit considerably from these socks. Being made from acrylic blended with nylon, the socks naturally prevent moisture buildup, and the special knit allows any moisture formed to be ‘wicked’ away from the skin, keeping the wearer’s feet dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Are there any special types of caring required for these socks?

No, not at all! Women’s diabetic dress socks can be washed either by hand or washing machines, just like regular socks. However, it is good to skip the drying cycle and let the socks air-dry by hanging them outside in the shade. That’s all the care required for these socks.

One who suffers from either form of diabetes realizes this one disease can lead to a domino effect of other complications. Foot ailments are one of the most common complaints and medical issues of most diabetics. When one’s body cannot break down the glucose, it raises the blood sugar in his or her body. This can cause complications such as foot ulcers due to poor circulation, loss of feeling, and lengthy healing of wounds. One can help these foot ailments by providing proper support of the feet. This can be done by the use of diabetic socks. For keeping one’s feet healthy and at a lower risk for such complications, these specially designed socks are one of the most convenient methods.

Reduces moisture in feet

These socks are engineered to reduce moisture in the feet to prevent the risks of any infections or bacterial growths such as athlete’s foot. These socks are usually anti-microbial to give one added protection from all these infections. To make the feet stay healthy, the use of the socks is a great way to encourage prevention. If one does not take the proper preventive measures, he or she may end up with foot sores and pain.

Provides best support

The best diabetic socks also have a special elastic band that helps provide support in the arch of the foot while giving the right amount of compression to reduce the chances of swelling in the feet. One must check for socks that fit snugly, yet are not too tight or confining. If a sock is too tight, this will decrease the blood flow to the feet, which will defeat the purpose of wearing the socks and can lead to further issues.


Diabetic socks are much softer than regular socks that may consist of a blend of several synthetic materials as they are made from cotton. These socks are more soft and hypoallergenic for most users. The socks tend to be thicker than normal socks to give one extra padding, along with wider toe space.

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