India Flaunting in Fashion!

India Flaunting in Fashion!

Whenever anyone thinks about India the first thing that comes to their mind is colors! India is a land of colors. Books, paintings, food, monuments, and clothes everything is colorful in India. Every culture and religion in India has its unique way of dressing up.

Indian women’s fashion dress has always been eye-catching with its elegance and colorfulness bringing out the beauty of each Indian woman. While Indian women fashion being a statement in history, Indian men’s fashion can be both grand and simple.

The rich history of Indian fashion

Indian fashion is a mix of regional, cultural, and historical influences. It’s not only comfortable but also modest, sophisticated, and aesthetically beautiful. Indian history has a lot of interesting facts about fashion even from ancient times. From the pieces of evidence on Harappa and Indus valley civilization, its found out that the weaving of cotton and silk materials existed in India thousands of years ago.

Both men and women were very conscious of fashion that both of them wore silks and pieces of jewelry. Different kinds of fabric were worn for different seasons in different sizes. After the stitching was found in the Vedic era women started wearing blouses with sarees and pleated skirts.

After the Vedic era, many dynasties ruled India. At that time Indians were introduced to many fabrics like wool, linen, cotton, muslin, jute, and silk. Different types of jewelry were worn. Dyeing was established. Indian fashion started establishing slowly with fashion influences from different dynasties like Rajputs and Mughals.

The modern Indian fashion

India has come a long way with its cultural and regional fashion ideas. The latest Indian fashion is highly westernized. But traditional clothing like silk, linen, silk-cotton is still loved and worn. Modern Indian fashion consists of a wide range of clothing from traditional to casual. There is a mix of both Indian and western clothing called indo-western fashion.

The fashion industry in India covers a wide range of fabrics and different traditional techniques like chicken embroidery, zardozi, and crewel which made its way into international fashion making India the second-largest textile exporter in the world.

Women’s fashion dress

Women’s clothing in India has a wide variety of materials and designs. It is different in different regions according to their culture, climate, and religion. Since India is diverse with so many religions and races the Indian clothing also differs accordingly. Even the fabrics vary. And it can be divided into the dress for women and dress for girls.

Nowadays Indian women are more into brands. When it comes to brands people blindly put their beliefs into the brand’s hands. It is highly unavoidable because the brands have become the trendsetters in fashion industries and everyone wants to be updated on the latest trends.

Indian women’s dress in trend

Modern Indian women’s fashion can be categorized into three basic categories.

● Clothing
● Accessories
● Footwear


Women have the widest range to select from when it comes to clothing. They style differently for every occasion. It also depends on independent style preferences and cultural needs. Therefore Indian women’s clothing can be divided into many categories as follows:

● Traditional or Ethnic clothing
● Festive clothing
● Formal/professional clothing
● Casual clothing
● Sportswear
● Lingerie

Traditional or Ethnic clothing

This type of clothing totally depends on culture, history, and heritage. It can also depend on regional climates. For example, people who live in the mountains usually wear thick or woolen clothing and gradually generations follow the same type of clothing and it becomes their traditional clothing.

Another example is, if there is a region that produces a specific fabric then chances are high for that regional people to have that fabric in their traditional attire. So traditional clothing differs from place to place.

Festive clothing

Indian festive clothing has bright colors, eye candy designs, pieces of jewelry, and fancy fabric. India has so many religions and so, there are so many festivals. There are different costumes for every festival. Some famous and trending Indian women festive closings are:

● Silk saree
● Lehenga
● Salwar suit
● Kurti
● Silk Blouse and skirt

Formal/professional clothing

Formal wear for women in India can be Indian, western, and indo-western.

● Shirt
● Trousers
● Jean
● Salwar kameez
● Kurti
● Dress
● Skirt

Casual clothing

Western outfits are most worn as casual items of clothing by Indian women. Some of them also wear sarees with breezy fabric as casual wear.

● T-shirt
● Shorts
● Palazzo
● Nighty
● Salwar kameez
● Skirt
● Leggins

Sportswear and Lingerie

Sportswear and Lingerie are pretty much the same for all the women around the world.

Sportswear includes:

● T-shirt
● Leggings
● Shorts
● Swimwear

Lingerie includes:

● Sleepwear
● Chemises
● Underwears
● Bra
● Bodysuits

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