Is There A Best Time To Make A Diamond Ring Purchase?

Is There A Best Time To Make A Diamond Ring Purchase?

If you are planning an engagement in 2022, there’s a lot to organise and perhaps the most challenging aspect of all is choosing the engagement ring. Every groom-to-be is terrified that the girl of his dreams will refuse his offer of marriage, so you must be sure that she wants to spend the rest of her life with you. Once you’ve made up your mind, there comes the question of when to announce the engagement and when to purchase the engagement ring.

Seasonal Demand

In Australia, for example, the most popular times for an engagement are spring and summer, which means winter and autumn might see the best price. Your country may have other popular times. One thing is sure – most couples prefer a customised diamond engagement ring from a leading custom jeweller where the perfect design awaits.

Planning The Engagement

Of course, you do need to allow enough time for people to prepare for the engagement and if you are having the diamond engagement ring custom made, please allow 3-4 weeks for the project to be completed. When looking for a unique and breathtaking piece, diamond engagement rings Brisbane designers can create the perfect ring. For those located in other countries, all it takes is a Google search to find a reputable engagement ring designer near you. Contrary to popular belief, having a diamond ring custom made is no more expensive than buying a ring from the jewellery store.

Online Solutions

Thanks to digital technology, it is now possible to have a diamond engagement ring hand-crafted by a custom jeweller and everything can be done online. Numerous Zoom calls result in an approved design and when the ring is complete, you will be invited to a private viewing. Prior to approaching the custom jeweller, decide on a budget, as this will be one of the first questions the custom jeweller will ask. Your budget determines the scope of the project. In most cases, the jeweller can work to the client’s budget.

Shop Around

Of course, there are quite a few jewellers who create custom diamond jewellery Australia or any other country can be proud of. You are advised to shop around before making a decision. Each jeweller would have their own design ideas and pricing and it is only by shopping around that you can find the best design and price. Luckily, the Internet allows you to make serious enquiries about custom designed diamond engagement rings without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Knowing Her Taste In Jewellery

Knowing Her Taste In Jewellery

This a crucial aspect of having the engagement ring hand-crafted; get this one wrong and it could be a costly mistake. Of course, you could forego the element of surprise and ask your bride-to-be to help with the ring design; at least you can be sure that she likes the ring.

To conclude, if you are planning to present your bride-to-be with a custom diamond engagement ring, you should start the ring design process a few months prior to D-Day and with a simple Google search, you can be talking to an established custom jeweller.

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