Japanese Fashion to the Go: All You Need to Know

Japanese Fashion to the Go: All You Need to Know

Those who follow the international fashion weeks know how influential Tokyo is as a centre for fashion and culture. Most Japanese fashion trends are oriented toward self-expression, community, and taking risks—think mixing prints or tacky accessories—from the fun use of colour to exaggerated proportions. It’s simpler than you may initially assume when it comes to re-creating several of the local’ best outfits for you. 

So, if you need some clothing ideas to help you transition into the new season, here are some of our favourite Japanese fashion picks from Comme des Garcons Play. In addition, there is a carefully curated collection of styles for sale in the market. 

Cougars With Balls 

An ideal way to be warm without being overdressed in the cold is to wear a coatigan, a hybrid garment between a sweater and a coat. Balance the oversize fit with free-flowing combinations. 

Replenishing the Runner 

You can instantly update your go-to track pants with a short trench coat and on-trend flatform boots. 

The Statement Jacket With a Slouch 

Take inspiration from the Japanese street fashion set and go for an oversized striking jacket over some all look. 

Knitted Headwear 

Trade in your basic fedora for one rounded knit design this season. Keep the majority of your look simple with loose-fitting separates if you want to pull off this unusual shape. 

Elevated Heritage Pieces 

Layer your traditional trench coat over structured coveralls to amp up a notch. Similar classic accessories like a scarf or pearls will finish the picture. 

Mixing Plaids 

Known for combining patterns, the Japanese style outfit further illustrates that there’s genuinely nothing as clashing just as long as you choose items with complementary (not competing) colour stories. 

Square-Toe Boots 

The square-toe boot is a major trend this year. Show off the geometrical design in the everyday outfit by matching it with straight-cut pants and a free-flowing top. 

Shearling Jacket With a Sleek, Urban Look 

Choose a design with faux leather inserts and moto-inspired elements for a modern take on the sheepskin jacket. 

Athleisure With a Visual Appeal 

One simple and efficient way to dress up Japan’s graphic sportswear trend would be to add upscale accessories. Consider adding a splash of colour to spice things up a bit. 

Hip-Length Blazers 

The trick to pulling off the cropped jacket trend is to go for a couple of high cargo shorts that will regulate the overall dimensions of your ensemble. 

Anatomy of a Trench Coat 

The dress, tunic, and jumpsuit versions of the classic trench will appeal to the same crowd. Splurging on a deconstruction style will ensure you’re groomed at all times. 

Pop and Block 

Make a statement with clashing rainbow hues from Comme des Garcons Play and look forwards to a better future. Make a striking appearance by mixing vibrant hues with geometric greens. The key to colour blocking would be to follow the “colour wheel’ rule. In this wheel, the colours that lie adjacent to each other are situated on the grounds of organic transition. Hence, the wheel is the most excellent alternative to construct a colour-blocking union. 

When it comes to wearing brighter colours, keeping things simple is critical. Use opposed colours on the colour wheel to accessorise your go-to shift, pant, and pencil skirt ensembles. Contrasts should be avoided, and colours of equal intensity should be paired. The final look may appear unbalanced if the power of each element isn’t the same. 

The idea is to match primary colours with big ones or mix those minor ones with minor ones. For instance, pink looks beautiful with orange, but the same pink in conjunction with light green would not paint a stunning image.

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