What Points Should be Kept in Mind while Purchasing Bedsheets and Blankets?

What Points Should be Kept in Mind while Purchasing Bedsheets and Blankets?

About T&A Textiles and Wholesale Bedding

“Excellent customer service!”, “Prices, compared to other suppliers, are quite reasonable and provide the best quality.” These are two of the many reviews that TA Textiles wholesale Bedding receives quite frequently from their clients. 

They are a wholesaling company that offers a great purchasing experience to their customers. They not only make sure that you get the best fabrics but also at a reasonable price. The T&A Textiles and Wholesale Bedding not only provide bedsheets and blankets to your homes, but they are known to be supplying these items to some of the UK’s five star restaurants. They have managed to keep their customers and consumers happy and made them permanent. Each year, the company sells most of its products and makes a considerable profit. 

All of this has been attainable only because T&A Textiles keep their customers’ views and demands as well as their buying capacity and stock their shelves only with those items that are easily the best and loved by their customers. 

They have restocked their racks with abundant bedsheets and blankets. Before you go on purchasing a few for your home or shop, here is a guide to know what things you should have in mind before investing money in these gears.

Adorning your Beds with Beautiful Bedsheets? Here are a few things to Keep in Mind

A well-made bed is one that has a nice bed sheet without wrinkles and has the best print. The whole room’s appearance is lifted up by the bed and bed coverings. Therefore, many customers are very particular when buying bed sheets. 

Fibre Content

100% cotton bed sheets are always the best. Among the Cotton types, Egyptian cotton is the most famous and well-liked constituent of bed clothing. They provide extra long staple and shows themselves as royalty when compared to other cotton types. Bed Sheets made out of Egyptian cotton can be a bit pricey, but their quality is worth the expense.

Egyptian cotton is also known for its skin-friendliness. Other linens can quite damage your skin as well as cause allergies especially synthetic ones. 

With this vast array of benefits, many brands label their ordinary cotton fabric as Egyptian Cotton. You might be paying a premium for a replica. 

How to know if your item is based on Egyptian cotton

That could be hard. However, if you found a price tag that suggests a grand price for a bedsheet set, chances are that they are selling what they are claiming. Because Egyptian Cotton can be expensive. 

Other Trusted Cotton Qualities

Another quality cotton could be Supima. It is actually the name of a marketing brand. The cotton at its forefront is Pima cotton. This cotton is also said to be a “cashmere of cotton”. It provides a good feel and it is an extra-long stapled cotton. The soft cotton fibres in them provide protection against chances of being torn or pulled. 

They are cheaper than Egyptian cotton. If it doesn’t suit you, you can go for cotton/polyester blends. 

Some cotton brands may lure you into buying more thread-based fabrics. Beware! Because they are misleading you. A higher thread count is nothing. They will be worn out with extended use and might not have comfortable sheets, you would love to sleep in. 

Return Policy

There should always be a return policy on products you are buying. There are a few reasons for this which are also counted as points to consider before buying bed clothing. 


You thought your king-sized bed sheet would fit your fat and comfy mattress but now it doesn’t seem to be the case. What do you do then? You opt for a return policy and buy the best dressing for your bed. 


If you buy a premium quality bed sheet but it merges with the theme of your bedroom, then you did unjust to the designer of the bedsheet and to your money. Your bedsheet should stand out. For this purpose, always go for nicer prints and patterns of the bedsheets. 

The Health Factors

Do consider these as we before buying bedsheets for your kids. It is a well-known fact that bedsheets contain formaldehyde as an anti-wrinkling agent. Formaldehyde is more likely to cause skin allergies and cause asthma, particularly in kids. Similarly, phthalate and pesticides are used during the production of cotton. All these constituents are harmful in one way or the other. Therefore, the best thing you could do is to go for the highest quality of cotton for your bedsheets. 

What about the Blankets?

Do Weighted Blankets Even Do Anything for Anxiety? | SELF

Now, let’s move forward to the other important aspect of our bed, the blanket. With winters advancing to their peaks, all we want are warm and comfy blankets to curl up in round ourselves well into them. 

If a bedsheet is a dress for the bed then a blanket is the accessory for it. And you know well that if the dress is all good and pretty, the accessory also creates a striking appearance.


Yes, just like the bedsheets, the fibre being used in the making of a blanket has undeniable importance. Most people go with their own preference without being well aware of the reasons that make particular blankets a favourite to them. 


Turkish Cotton is best for the blankets. It makes the blanket fluffier and warmer. It also makes the blanket look luxurious. 

Overall, cotton makes the blankets more durable. They also help people with allergies since they are allergen-resistant. It is because they can withstand multiple washes and still sustain their quality. 

Moreover, Cotton blankets come in different layers of thickness. They could be as thick as to make your winters warmer than ever, and also just thick enough to provide you for a substitute in the summer nights.  


These are the princely blankets. Extremely warm and grand, they are silky and demand a lot of money. They are quite light-weighted. 


If you are allergic to wool, it might not be suitable for you. They are perfect for snuggling in to the warmth that they provide. They are breathable and can be heavy.


These are light. They may consist of feathers or synthetic substitutes that make it warm but light. They are like comforters but thinner and warmer than them. 


A perfect choice for your kids’ bed. They are good resistors to moisture, give a silky vibe, are warm and cosy.


These are the blankets best suited to hotels or guest rooms. They are warm and have a heavy plush without being heavy. They can withstand a few rounds in the washing machines

The Different Types of Weaves

The different types of weaves also affect the functionality and weight of the quilt.

These weaves could be 

 Knit, thermal, conventional, and quilted.


If you are looking for a comfortable and a bit of heavyweight blanket, you could go for the knitted weave. 


These are perfect weaves for a summer blanket. It is good at air circulation. They are common to cotton blankets. 


These weaves are for a regular blanket. Tightly woven fabric is present to keep your body warm and comfy.


These weaves are way too warm and heavy. So if you like your winters to give you an actual vibe of cold and snow, quilted weaves of a blanket would be best for you.


Know what you need.  If you want blankets for your single beds, choose accordingly. Here is a size guide which may vary from brand to brand . 


Twin Size= 66 inches×90 inches 

Full/Queen= 90 inches ×90 inches 

King: 108 inches ×90 inches

Blanket Covers:

The same criterion follows here too. 

Look for nicer fabric, grounded patterns, and colours so they may not steal the spotlight of the bed sheet but rather highlight the well-made beds.

Final Words

T&A Textiles and Wholesale Bedding have a variety of these bed sets. You can mix and match blankets with your bedsheets or vice versa. You can also purchase a whole set too.  They have set up an online store from where retailers and customers can buy alike. 

The guide provided to you above shall help you learn where you are investing. You can demand your blankets and bed sets accordingly. All the thumbnails on the online page have been captioned with their details which include colours, sizes and materials. 

As a retailer, you can trust T&A Textiles and Wholesale Bedding, because they have a broad stretch of bedding, in quality as well as colours. These attractions will definitely help you sell out most of your collection. 

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