Linen Sarees | 5 Things You Should Know About Them

Linen Sarees | 5 Things You Should Know About Them
Sarees made up of the linen fabric are getting popular among women. But what should you know about them? Are they really that good? Read on to know more!

5 Things You Should Know About Linen Sarees

1. Linen is a Strong Fabric

The linen fabric is made from the middle of the flax plant. This makes the fabric very strong. The strength of linen is 2x stronger than cotton & 3x stronger than wool. Therefore, linen possesses superior quality & strength which makes it a great fabric for sarees. Such strength usually translates to excellent durability of sarees

2. Warp & Weft-based Weaving

Linen is primarily a warp-based saree. This is because the linen yarn usually comprises all the warps.
However, you can also use warp & weft-based weaving. Then the fabric is called linen by linen. You can also combine various fabrics such as:
  • Cotton – Linen by Cotton
  • Silk – Linen by Silk
  • Khadi – Linen by Khadi
In such weaving processes, Linen is used as a prime yarn & is kept in the warp while the other fabrics are weaved using weft-based weaving.

3. You can wear Linen Sarees at any time

Linen is considered as one of the best fabrics for sarees. It boasts of sweat absorbing properties & offers immense comfort to the saree wearer. Therefore, you can wear linen saree at any time of the year. You can even find linen sarees for wedding or other events like festivals & social gatherings.

4. Thread Count

You should be able to differentiate between a linen saree & a normal saree based on the thread count. The linen fabric has a lower thread count but sarees typically use a thread count of around 60-120.
A simple trick to count the threads is this – Warp (Up to the vertical) & Weft (Horizontal) Weave of the fabric.

5. The Creases

Linen Sarees are bound to crease. But that’s the beauty of them. Simply drape a linen saree & forget about the creases. However, these creases might just make you look more elegant. If you want fewer creases then you can opt for blended linen sarees like Silk linen sarees.

These are 5 things that you should know about Linen Sarees.

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