6 Stylish Modern Mangalsutra Designs for Modern Bride

6 Stylish Modern Mangalsutra Designs for Modern Bride

The most important piece of jewelry for a bride is always the Mangalsutra, for where all the other pieces of jewelry signify grandeur and beauty a Mangalsutra is much more than that. It is a bond which she shares with her husband and which is intricately woven with love in those little black beads that stay forever close to her heart. There were times when the Mangalsutra was the simplest piece of jewelry in the bridal ensemble and buying one was a no-brainer for there wasn’t much you could do about the design. Not so much today, for it has beautifully transformed into a stylish necklace and has adopted a more modern look. We have some of these latest Mangalsutra designs handpicked for you.

The Chain Mangalsutra

chain mangalsutra

A long gold Mangalsutra chain without pendant is what most young brides are going in for today. This one has small black beads at intervals in the chain, giving it a more subtle look. The length makes it easy to tuck it inside during office hours and there is no hassle of the pendant getting tangled in the clothing. The long chain style pendant also makes it easy to wear chokers and other necklaces along with the Mangalsutra chain, giving it a layered effect.

The Very Simple Chain Mangalsutra

simple mangalsutra

This Mangalsutra is a simplistic chain and you might even miss the black beads in it when it goes inside your clothing. This minimalistic style of Mangalsutra is perfect for wearing to the office when you don’t want it to create a jarring effect with say your business suit. The style is everyday wear and since it gives the look of a chain you can wear it easily with your tops and dresses. With just a few black beads mixed with some golden ones at the center point of the Mangalsutra chain, it looks super classy.

The String of Beads

Just a plain simple string of beads is also another subtle design of Mangalsutra which is perfect for everyday wear. The string of beads gives you the ease of adding any pendant of your choice to it when you wish to jazz it up a bit. This one too matches seamlessly with your other necklaces. The strings of beads look great in a short length and don’t clash with your western outfits too.

The two Strand of Beads

2 strand beads mangalsutra

This one has smaller beads and instead of one string, you have two strings of the black beads which are used in a traditional Mangalsutra. You can get a pendant attached to it or keep the two strings joined together in the center so that you keep the option open of adding a pendant at any time.

The Multilayer Mangalsutra

Multilayer mangalsutra

Multiple strings of black beads interspersed with golden ones in varying sizes make this multilayer Mangalsutra a stunner. You would not want to wear this on a daily basis but when you adorn it on special occasions you wouldn’t want to add any other piece of jewelry to your neck. Keep the length of this kind of Mangalsutra to bust level for it looks very gracious with a saree or a suit.

The Pearl Mangalsutra

pearl mangalsutra chain

Along with the black and golden beads, women are now merging their love for pearls with the latest Mangalsutra designs. Little white pearls mixed with black and golden beads blend well with the two-tone color. You can match your pearl, kundan and other such stonework jewelry pieces with it. Get a pendant crafted out of pearls for this one and add it to the chain when desired.

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