Creative Mehndi Design Prints To Wear This Wedding Season

Creative Mehndi Design Prints To Wear This Wedding Season

The wedding season is just around the corner and you might have already started to look for a dress to add some glamor and punch to your looks. It is quite obvious, that you want to look your best self when attending any wedding. From some great looking dresses to some matching accessories, everything adds up to help you gain that perfect look.

Much like the outfit, mehndi is also an essential part of the wedding attire for the bride and the groom along with the guests. A mehndi ceremony usually takes place a day or two prior to the actual wedding ceremony and is one of the oldest wedding traditions.

When deciding on a mehndi pattern to wear to a wedding you can consider hiring a top mehndi artist in Pune and select from a wide variety of prints. Apart from some traditional mehndi patterns, there are various different creative patterns that you can wear to a wedding.

Here we have mentioned some offbeat and creative patterns that we think will look great on your hands.

Royal Architecture

Including royal architecture in the mehndi design patterns is a great way to give your mehndi a look that is awe-inspiring. You can directly relate these patterns to some of the detailed designs that you find in old Mughal Era palaces and forts. These patterns usually include some split and checkered patterns. As these patterns are consistent in Arabic mehndi designs you’ll find various patterns that look like the criss-cross window designs in the mosques and the motifs that are directly taken from the walls of famous monuments. In some designs, you’ll also find the architecture itself like the domes and the pillars as well.

Royal Architecture mehndi design

Coloured Mehndi Designs

As time changed, the uni-colored mehndi went out of all the trends and is now replaced by colored mehndi designs. Multicolored mehndi design patterns look really great and vibrant. From some bright shade of reds to some indigo blues, there are many colors available in the mehndi as well. This makes it easier to match your mehndi design patterns with the attire that you’re going to wear at the wedding.


Split Mandala

You might have heard about the traditional mandala prints that look like the sun with some rays coming out of it. A split mandala can be considered as its classic variation that is great to go along with a casual look. Instead of a circular mandala pattern being at the center of the palm only half of the mandala is made on one hand while the other is continued on the other hand. It is made in such a way that when you put both the hands together it forms a full mandala.


Glittery Mehndi Designs

The sparkling and glittery mehndi looks no way less than an accessory. These look great when there is a hint of sparkle in the makeup as well. The patterns in this kind of designs are usually very elaborate and the shiny little glitters add up to make a look that looks really great. The glitters can be used in different color hues so as to cater to the different colored outfits. Some rhinestones are also added to the patterns and can give an additional charm to your hands and feet.


Doodling Mehndi Patterns

This one is for all those artists out there who want a look that reflects the art and also look great on the hands. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to sporting a doodle on your hands and only your imagination is the limit. You can combine some child-like designs with some expressive illustrations that depict your life. Or maybe some patterns that’ll add a fantastic visual element to the boring old mehndi designs.

These are some options that’ll surely look great with a casual outfit. No matter if you are getting married or just attending one, these mehndi designs will look great all the same. So girls now is a great time to mold the traditions to your liking and flaunt your creative side with the fore mentioned innovative henna designs. Each of the above mentioned design has its own charm so just go ahead, pick your best design, and get ready to impress your bae.

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