Purchasing Cheap Eyeglasses – The Modern Dilemma

Purchasing Cheap Eyeglasses – The Modern Dilemma

These days everybody is addicted to his/her tablet, mobile and computer, spending one-third of the day in front of these gizmos and machines are bound to exert pressure on our minds as well as eyes. The food that we eat also does not provide good quality as it used to a few years back. All of this has resulted in one common problem and that is a poor vision. Most of us now have to deal with unclear vision, burning sensation in the eyes, running eyes etc. Whenever we go to the optician for an eye checkup he prescribes us with power glasses. As we have already mentioned that people are too much into the social media and internet, it has naturally increased the lifestyle of people. Now a day’s people want to stay up to date with their knowledge, speaking style and accent, and obviously the dressing sense. Now if a person has to stay in vogue, he/she will also have to spend a lot of money. Eyeglasses, shoes, belts, and clothes all need to be in contrast. One can purchase cheaper clothes and footwear online but the eye accessories are quite costly as people still are not aware of their online presence. There are some online eyeglasses stores which have started to sell eyeglasses at cheaper rates and good quality. The first optical online store of the world was Warby Parker.

Physical stores

Till date, physical stores are considered better option to purchase eyeglasses than online stores. The main reasons are that people are not yet fully aware of the presence of online websites that sell eyeglasses, those who know about their presence believe that it would be a lot of hassle to make purchases from online stores, they think that online stores won’t be able to provide the perfect sized eyeglasses and these stores do not have a physical presence, therefore these are not trustable. Physical stores have been in the market since the beginning, therefore, they become the best option to make purchases and thus they also get the power to charge a higher amount in many cases.

Online stores

The online eyeglasses stores have recently come into the scenario. The first online eyeglasses store in India was Lenskart. It came into being in November 2010, since then it has lured many customers to purchase eyeglasses online. The ones who are regular online shoppers find it really convenient to purchase eyeglasses from online websites. These websites have a huge amount of collection to offer, one can buy anything like eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. The biggest advantage of purchasing eyeglasses online is that you have the liberty to choose your favorite eyeglass within minutes; you also get to make safe online payments, if you do not like the eyeglass you can return it within the stipulated time period. This 100% cash back guarantee makes the unique selling point of online eyeglasses stores. Online websites provide the facility of home eye checkup at absolutely low prices.

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