Ideas For Pre-Wedding Favours To Give Away To Your Guests

Ideas For Pre-Wedding Favours To Give Away To Your Guests

After deciding over the gifts you have sent with your Indian wedding cards, now is the time to decide the wedding favors that you can give to your guests during the pre-wedding ceremony. It is one of the many things that guests can’t wait to use or to take them away at home. These wedding favors are the perfect option for all different pre-wedding ceremony like a Mehendi ceremony, Sangeet ceremony, etc.

So for this post, we will be letting you know more about the favor ideas for your pre-wedding ceremonies. Getting these favors for your guests is the best way to show your appreciation and gratitude towards them. So now when you have had everything fun and vivid for favors with Indian wedding invitations, set the bar higher with these pre-wedding favors:

Little bottles of “FRAGRANT HAPPINESS”:

There are stylish bottles of perfumes or vials that are easily available and serve as the perfect favours for pre-wedding ceremonies. There are different ideas for it as well. Like you can choose different perfumes for team bride and for team groom or can even go with a theme fragrance. This way all your guests smell alike when they wear in wedding ceremonies.

Beautiful dash of ethnic charms

Weddings are one of the few events where we can actually flaunt ourselves in those beautiful ethnic wears. Not only the women but men too look no less total “dapper” in the ethnic Kurta Pyjama or Sherwani. So why not add something to their ethnic wear to make it look more appealing. You can add ethnic clutches for women and beautiful broaches for men. If you think broaches are too “mainstream”, you can even add a pocket square that can be mix and matched with the patterns of ethnic clutches. They can use them during the ceremony only. Their little detailing adds a “theme” to your wedding photographs as well. You can choose them based on the theme of your wedding invitations.

Beautiful shields against the harsh weather

India has a very high temperature in summers. Yes, it’s not completely bearable too. So if you’re planning to have your ceremony, outdoors you need to provide something to your guests that will keep them comfortable under the sun.
An umbrella is the first name that pops up in our mind. You can choose the designed umbrellas that go well with your wedding theme. Not only they will be their protective shield under the sun, but they work well as the prop.

Other than that you can have Sunglasses too to save your guests from the harmful rays of the sun. Moreover, they add a dash of “swag” when paired with anything. Also, with you so much in love with each other, you don’t want your guests to get all blinded with its sheerness…!!

These are some of the ideas for favors you can give away to your guests on pre-wedding ceremonies. We are pretty sure that they won’t end up locked up in a closet or discarded in the trash, but your guests will surely use them even after the ceremony. So how about giving them something else to remember your wedding by except a lot of fun and infused in love?

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