Time to Add One More Bag in Your Shopping Cart This Wedding Season!

Time to Add One More Bag in Your Shopping Cart This Wedding Season!

As we gear up for the winter air, wedding bells across many Indian households have begun to chime. Mulling over which attire to wear for a wedding is not a very uncommon thing, especially for women and in addition to this, another big decision lies ahead: a matching bag to go with it.

A statement piece clutch with shiny finishing and exquisite embroidery is what women usually prefer to opt for. But simple handbags that manifest our rich culture can also never go wrong since ‘minimalism is the new black’.

The intricately designed non-woven bags by ZEDPACK are apt for being carried at weddings and functions. With their high-end looks and impeccable finishing, these bags can be your next best friend every time you go to events. Donning your outstanding traditional attire with the bespoke bag slung over your wrist and an elegant piece of jewellery to go with will make you stand apart and might as well get some few head turns. But the more important reason to opt for these bags lies ahead.

We buy an outfit or a bag only to give it away or discard them after few months with the changing trends. On that note, isn’t it better buying more environmental-friendly bags or clothing that can be reused?

In this regard, ZEDPACK’s non-woven bags, manufactured under a lean environments, serve the purpose of minimizing waste while being at par with the latest fashion statements. Unlike the upmarket designer bags that need specific time and place to be carried around, the all-rounder non-woven bags by ZEDPACK can be carried for grocery shopping, events, wedding functions, etc.

Furthermore, customised bags can also be used for gifting. Traditional wrapping papers sure are eye-appealing but they are only to be piled up later as garbage after the gifts are opened. Keeping everything into consideration, the versatile non-woven bags that come at an affordable price are something that you shouldn’t miss dragging in your shopping cart.

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