Street Style Fashion Ideas for Men

Street Style Fashion Ideas for Men

Today fashion is not just restricted to women, men too have become more conscious about their dressing style. In fact, more men can be seen spending almost as much time as women in picking out their wardrobe. Street style outfits for men are picking up and it is high time to get inspired to look cool.

Here we have compiled a lot of ideas to rock the street style look. Street style outfits is not about brands, it is about choosing the outfits that fit you well and does not give a baggy or untidy look. This is why before you choose any outfit, you should know your body type and what suits you well.

Swag and street style work best for hip hop enthusiasts. Match blue mens fashion jeans with a graphic white tee and sandals for a cool summer look. For not too harsh winters wear a denim jacket over and match a self print cap. Put on your Jordans or white sneakers to complete the look.

Match a plain white v-neck t-shirt with grey skinny men’s casual pants and brown shoes. Accessorise with a chain and sun glasses. This simple yet stylish combo works really well on every man.  If going to a summer party wear sandals and roll up the sleeves.

For the cold winter evenings combine grey Lon coat with a pink collared shirt and dark grey pants to look extra cool. Lon coat is what most men avoid but this cool piece is one you should invest in. Complete the look with black boots and add a hat for X factor. This is an unusual but unique dressing style and will definitely make you stand among the crowd.

When in doubt to what to wear, go for a round neck T-shirt with any of your favourite shirt. Leaving the shirt untucked is a choice to go flaunting while tucking some also looks classy. Pair up your shirt with khaki coloured men’s casual pants and brown boots. Accessorise it with a big dial watch and sunglasses for the extra oomph.

Be strategic with your use of prints. Print-mixing in women’s fashion has been there for decades and is on the verge of jumping the shark, but menswear takes a more targeted approach. Opt for a patterned blazer and keep the rest of the outfit neutral, or take a more subtle outfit and let your accents do the mixing.

A great high fashion suit is a worthy investment and gives a truly fabulous look. But wait, suit doesn’t have to be a suit. They’re two perfectly fitted staples that you can rotate into your wardrobe an all kinds of way. Pair a suit top with a pair of crisp white jeans or you can pair suit pant with killer linen suit jacket. The embellishments, hats, handkerchiefs and other accessories are what makes the outfit.

Neon is not only for women, men too can rock in it. Pair up neon casual pants with a white shirt and a grey blazer. Finish off the look with brown boots and sunglasses. Keep a short and well groomed beared to add an extra flair.

If you are really confused about what to wear for an event, always remember that black works best. You can pair up black with any colour of your choice or go for an all black outfit. It looks awesome with a dashing pair of sunglasses and sneakers or boots.

Street style is all about incorporating high fashion into practicality yet keeping the essence of all it intact. Whatever you wear, remember that fit is everything. Make tailor your best friend and don’t settle for anything that doesn’t fit you like a glove.


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