The Garnet Gemstone & Why It Continues To Be Popular

The Garnet Gemstone & Why It Continues To Be Popular

There are many different kinds of precious and semi-precious stones available and you will see these in many pieces of jewellery including rings, necklaces, brooches and just about any other piece of jewellery. We also use precious stones in certain pieces of machinery because they help to cut through even the hardest of things like stone and metal.


People are drawn to colour and so the most colourful gems tend to be the most popular and this is why garnet stands out from the rest. It has a deep red colour that many are drawn to, which may be a main reason it could be seen as a representation of the heart, making it a popular gemstone to give to the person that you love.


If you are currently considering purchasing such a gem then it’s reasonable to assume that you are worried about the price. However, this is something that shouldn’t really concern you, especially when you are acquiring natural garnet stone online, because it is incredibly affordable when you compare it to other semi-precious and precious gemstones.


Many people don’t really understand the history of this beautiful stone and so the following are just som e of the reasons you might want to choose this gemstone over the many others:


  • It’s The Birthstone Of January – If your partner or would-be partner was born in the month of January, then this makes shopping for them so much easier because if you’re buying them any kind of jewellery then the stone that you should be looking for is the garnet. It has been the birthstone of January for many centuries. If you are into star signs then it is important to know that on the Zodiac, the garnet is the stone for anyone who was born under the Aquarius sign.


  • It Has Great Diversity – While they are incredibly popular for their blood red colour, you can also find them in many different types of the colour red and some garments depending on how you hold them up to the light can actually change colour from blue to purple. Other popular garnets are green, orange and pink.


  • The Stone Is Quite Famous – If you were to attend the Smithsonian Museum and you went to their gems collection section then you would see one of the finest garnet jewellery pieces currently available. It is set in a hair comb – a tiara-like jewel which has a huge rose-cut garnet that sits on the crest with many garnets around it.



If you have a second wedding anniversary coming up, then garnet is the stone of choice and many people also believe that this beautiful stone can be a natural healer and can take care of many body issues and health issues that you might be having. Choosing the right gemstone is incredibly important so take your time and make sure that you choose wisely. You do not want to disappoint the recipient and you won’t if you give them a garnet stone.

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