Things You Didn’t Know about Tussar Silk Saree and Kota Silk Saree

Things You Didn’t Know about Tussar Silk Saree and Kota Silk Saree

Fads come and go what remains for a long time is the trends. Dresses may have acquired the market and can be seen all over the places but the space that Indian attires hold in our hearts is irreplaceable. When we talk about Indian attires sarees will always be special. There is no other attire like sarees as it took thousands of years of tradition that is woven into sarees.  It is the biggest ethnic fashion wear that is worn in different styles and manners that makes it unique. All the ladies look gorgeous after adorning the attire.

With the changing trends and fashion, saree has also been modernized. It is essentially a drape that is long and unstitched which allows and gives a lot of potential to the designers to play with its style and explore it. It can be worn in such a way that the person wearing it can create a lot of styles with a single drape. It has been centuries but sarees have always been everyone’s favorite and it continues to evolve and change to suit everyone’s style.

There are various fabrics that contribute to the making of the sarees but silk remains on top of all. The history of silk goes back thousands of years and India is the second-largest producer of silk.  Indian silk is known for its vibrant color, variety, design, weaves, and pattern and is admired around the world. It dominates all the fabrics and will remain the queen of the textile industry. Its richness, luster, and glamour cannot be compared with any fabric. It is the epitome of elegance and sophistication. All these attributes make it irresistible for any woman.

Tussar Silk Saree

Silk comes in a lot of variety. Some of them are Chanderi, Banarasi, Assam silk Tussar, Sambalpuri, Kanjeevaram, Patola, Mysore, Bhagalpuri, Kota that are very popular but Kota silk saree and Tussar silk saree are what we are here to discuss about which hails from Rajasthan and Bihar respectively.

Some facts about Tussar Silk

Tussar silk is also known as Kosa silk:

Tussar Silk is also known as Kosa silk, as the name suggests Tussar silk saree is associated with sophistication and royalty. It is considered suitable for all occasions and comes with a variety of patterns and hues. To make your style quotient go up irrespective of your age as it said that age is just a number. It is the most desired fabric that is exported all over the world because of its contemporary and stylish designs.

Different variety of color:

Tussar silk comes in a variety of colors and you can choose one according to your taste and preference. Ranging from light to dark shades it can add beauty to anybody’s wardrobe. The traditional block style that gives a contemporary look to the sarees is also in the trend that makes it all more appealing and desirable. You have end numbers of option to experiment with that ranges from ombre shades to graphic prints


There are five types of fabrics that are produced in the manufacturing units. All these types of Tussar silk are manufactured with a blend of cotton fabric as well as with the tussar wrap, but when it comes to the customer’s preference it is the Tussar cotton that is preferred the most. This gives you an opportunity to choose from the variety

The color and the style changes with every season:

The tussar silk comes in a large number of varieties and in different combinations but the important thing is that its style changes in every season. There are a lot many shades available when it comes to Tussar silk which ranges from neutral color, beige or honey to the bright ones that include pink, green or red.

Specialty in manufacturing:

The tussar silk is unique in a way as it is manufactured with a special kind of silkworm. This kind of fabric is found in South Asian states and generally, it is woven by the tribal people in India. All this makes it distinctive and desirable.

Some facts about Kota silk

Kota saree is also known as Masuriya:

This distinct weave that belongs to Rajasthan originally originated in Mysore. Its other name is Masuriya which dates back to the 17th century when weavers from Mysore were brought to Rajasthan to weave this timeless beauty into Kota Doria sarees.

Kota Silk Saree

Manufactured in Hadauti region:

The Kota silk sarees are mainly manufactured in the Kota state by the Ansari community in the Hadauti region.

‘Khats’ make it unique:

The Kota sarees has a very unique look when it comes to the aesthetic of the saree because of the square-like patterns. This is mostly found in all the sarees and is called ‘Khats’.

Available in variety of colors:

There was a time when whites and beiges were the colors in which the bulk of the sarees were made and they dominated the Kota fabrics. But with the change in taste and the coming of new technology, it is now easily available in all the colors.

Change in appearance:

Initially, the Kota sarees used to come in cotton only but with the passing of time and demand it is available in the mix of cotton and silk as well. Apart from that if you desire to have it in cotton or in silk it is also there to increase the grace of your wardrobe.

Strength of the yarns:

The strength in the yarns comes with a very homemade recipe. Application of onion juice and rice paste strengthens the Kota Doria yarns and thus it does not require any additional finishing after that.

Adding style to Kota:

The simple and sober fabric of Kota is given additional embellishment with the block printing and Zari work. The block printing and zari work make it more stylish and preferable.

It is 100% handmade:

Kota Doria silk is still woven on the traditional loom with a shuttle technique and is made 100% manually.

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