Tips For Styling With Your Handbag
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Tips For Styling With Your Handbag

Tips For Styling With Your Handbag

We often hear people say diamonds are a girl’s best friends, but in reality, it is handbags that steal the show. The recent years have added a lot of versatility to this accessory, giving people many options to choose from. Whether you are attending a wedding or heading to the office, a sophisticated handbag would add a refined touch to your overall look.

Owing to the rise in demand for high-end goods, designer bags have risen to popularity. They have been the ultimate accessory for women since the 1950’s when Coco Chanel created the highly coveted 2.55 bag. These effortlessly elegant pieces with meticulous detailing are a timeless investment. It would be best if you made it a point to style these bags appropriately to enhance their show.

Are you wondering how you can do that? Here are a few tips to help you with the same.

Match your style:

It is crucial to be mindful and choose something reflective of your style. While the handbag in itself might be a thoughtfully designed classic, it might not suit your personality. Being conscious of your unique style can make a remarkable difference to your overall look.

Choosing the right colours, prints, and fabric is essential. If you’re someone for whom comfort is a priority, lighter bags can always come to the rescue.

Make it a statement piece:

Minimalist handbags, though often overlooked, can be a great statement piece. High quality modern Indian handbags make for a perfect add on to traditional or indo-western outfits. Shop them now at, an 18-year-old luxury brand offering versatile hand-crafted pieces.

Choose according to the environment/ occasion:

Handbags can be a great accessory while experimenting with new styles. While the freedom of being creative is limitless, it would be best to choose the outfit and accessories that mesh well with the occasion. For an adventure-filled day, crossbody bags with leather and laser finishes would help. Tote bags or satchels would suit a more formal environment.

Potli bags, on the other hand, team up perfectly with your traditional outfits. Beautifully adorned with metal sequins, pearls, or threaded embroidery, they help you ace any wedding function!

Make it work with your body type:

Styling luxury bags has a lot to do with your body type. The rule of thumb is to choose one that is in proportion with your figure to present a smooth silhouette. For short, petite women, oversized bags may seem a bit overpowering. Vertically longer bags might do well for them.

On the other hand, for curvy females, medium-sized bags that lay flat against their body would suit perfectly. Shoulder bags with short straps might be a perfect fit for women with a great height. Moreover, putting a spotlight on your natural body and features, you love the most can undoubtedly make you feel confident.

Match the handbag with your outfit:

Always try choosing colours that complement each other. Shades of metallic, tan, and black usually tend to go with every outfit. The real trick lies in choosing luxury bags that bring out the positives in the outfit that you have chosen.

Final thoughts:

Considered as a fashion statement, handbags can either make or break your style. They can add a unique sartorial flavour to your outfits, making it look even more desirable. Though high-end handbags may have seemed like just a trend at first, it is now a permanent staple among many women. A form of self-expression and elegance, they are an entree to glamour and luxury.

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