Tips to Preserve Your Pashmina Shawls
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Tips to Preserve Your Pashmina Shawls

Tips to Preserve Your Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina Shawls are not only attire, these are emotions for the owners. They know the value of this heirloom that can be treasured generation after generation. Surprisingly, the glamour of original Pashmina does not fade away with time but the shine will increase if preserved properly. It is considered as the status symbol as it can add grace to the appearance.

Buying the Pashmina shawl is not the ultimate thing unless you don’t know how to preserve it. The natural fabrics are so sensitive that they can be damaged easily. Just like any other beautiful thing in the world, you have to pamper it and preserve it with utmost care. Whether you have a wrap or throw or shawl, anything made of Pashmina needs the same treatment and care.

The fabric is made from the finest quality of wool that is derived from a special breed of goats found in the Himalayan region. The undercoat of the goats keeps them warm even in the -40° C temperature. After the winter, the goats shed their undercoat which is collected and spun to make the Pashmina wool. The artisans also use natural dye to color the fabric and finally weave into beautiful shawls. As everything is natural and organic, it is very vulnerable to insect attacks.

However, it is not that tough to take care of the Pashmina Shawls. You have to make sure a few procedures that will keep the fabric safe years after years; generation after generations.

How to care for Pashmina Shawls?

We have already known that the cashmere is quite delicate in nature and it may get damaged easily if handled carelessly. From washing to preserving, you must maintain certain guidelines to retain the luster and glamour of this royal fabric.

Cleaning Method: Machine washing is strictly prohibited for the Pashmina Shawls. The delicate material can be damaged easily. Moreover, sudden flow if hot or cold water can shrink the fabric. Hand wash is the best way to keep the shawl clean. You have to take lukewarm water and mild shampoo to make a solution to wash it thoroughly. Never use any kind of bleach for Pashmina as it can reduce the softness and damage the texture.

Drying Method: After washing, never twist or squeeze the shawl as it may harm the sharp. Never use the dryer to dry the shawl. It is also important not to hang the shawl in the rack as it may stretch the material. You have to spread the shawl on a drying rack. Make sure there is no scope of direct sunlight as it can fade away the natural color of the shawl. Air dry is the best option for it. Moreover, you can gently iron it by placing the Cashmere shawl in between two towels.

Storing Method:
Moisture is a great enemy for Pashmina along with heat. Take a tissue or polythene bag to store it. You have to make sure that the place should be leak-proof and free from any moisture. Another important factor is that there should not be any scope of moth attack either to keep it safe.

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