Top 10 Best Cosmetic and Beauty Box Subscriptions You Must Try In 2019

Top 10 Best Cosmetic and Beauty Box Subscriptions You Must Try In 2019

Cosmetic products are very famous among the ladies these days and every woman wants to have the best makeup and beauty products for them. Due to this, every cosmetic brand wants its product to get more sales and adopt different marketing strategies in order to get success. Custom cosmetic boxes help them in increasing their sales more than any other strategy can. The following subscription boxes include all the products you want to have this 2019. Following is the list for the top 10 best cosmetic and beauty box subscription you must try.


1.Birch Box

This all-inclusive subscription box includes the best five beauty samples that will definitely match your beauty profile. Not only that, with this birch box you will earn points from which you can get a complete jumbo size box having full sized products in it. This subscription box will just cost you $10 a month.


If you are looking for a beauty box that meets your beauty preferences then this cosmetic box from Ipsy is the one for you. This is one of the highest ranked beauty box these days.

3.Lip Monthly

Fond of lip cosmetics? Lip monthly brings a better option for you this year. You will get around 4 to 5 high quality and full-size products.

4.Love Goodly

Great for all ages and most of the products are full sized. You will love the quality and shades included for lip balms.


This monthly subscription box includes 5 luxurious beauty products that are curated by experts. Latest and high-class cosmetic products of emerging brands are included.

6.Play! By Sephora

In just $10 a month, you can get the most versatile range of beauty products, from hair to lip and eye cosmetics it has everything you need to make you beautiful.

7.Live glam Makeup Brush Club

Brushes are one of the very important cosmetic product to have in a subscription box that and in this box, you will find 3-8 makeup brushes every month.

8.Scent Bird

The box contains one of the best collections of women perfumes, you will be able to choose your favorite fragrances and you will receive 4 of them on a daily basis.

9.Fab Fit Fun

With just $50 a month, you will get premium size cosmetic and beauty products even without moving an inch. From bath bombs to eyeshadow and lipstick, it has all for your need.


This unique and attractive box includes one of the best skin care products that you like. The best thing is that you will get the chance to choose the products.


They also protect the quality of cosmetic products and prevent them from getting damaged during shipping or any other event. Custom cosmetic boxes provide the most needed elegance and add value to the products to reflect the positive impact on the customers. By printing the boxes with the brand logo and company name you can use the custom cosmetic packaging to promote and market your brand more effectively.

Custom cosmetic boxes provide a platform to the beauty product manufacturers to stay ahead in the market as ladies get attracted to the shiny looking boxes whenever they enter into the cosmetic stores. Furthermore, the blank cosmetic boxes come flat to the manufacturers so they easily use them according to their need. Custom cosmetic boxes are made in custom size and shapes for a number of beauty products, whether they are facial creams, perfumes, hair or lip cosmetics, the boxes can be tailored to your need. Different style for cosmetic products is used for custom cosmetic packaging that includes reverse tuck end style, two pieces, cube and hangs tab boxes. The correct shape and style for the cosmetic boxes are very important because the structure of the box plays an important role in making them look eye-catching.

Printed Boxes Will Add Value to Your Product Presentation

If we talk about the importance of printing on the custom cosmetic boxes, it’s very obvious that impressive looks can definitely make more sales than ordinary. It is the printing that makes custom cosmetic packaging boxes look catchy because the bright color schemes and beautiful images on the cosmetic boxes add life to the simple boxes. Brown or premade boxes can never get so much attention as compared to the printed cosmetic boxes that’s why they are in trend. Furthermore, the printing allows you to promote the brand as you can imprint the logo that becomes the identity of your brand. Ladies pick the product by looking at the company name printed at the box and only printing can do give you the opportunity to highlight the brand name on the boxes.

Apart from printing, the right material for making the custom cosmetic packaging boxes is very important because durable material will hold the product more protectively and provide secure shipping of the cosmetic subscriptions. If you want to send a beauty box with cosmetic products inside, you must make the subscription box using high strength cardboard boxes so that your products won’t get damaged on the way. The use of recyclable material for the manufacturing of the cosmetic boxes is also very important as it reduces the land waste problem and helps in getting rid of global warming and from other threats related to the environment.


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