Make It A Post Valentine’s Engagement

Make It A Post Valentine’s Engagement

So, Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and your nerves are getting the best of you. You want to do something really special for your significant other and, although you’ve done the research, you haven’t actually made a decision and bought anything yet. You love big, romantic gestures and, for months, you’ve been rolling an idea around in your head that would make the love of your life squeal: a proposal. Asking the love of your life to marry you on Valentine’s Day would not only make it easy for you to remember which day your engagement anniversary falls on, but it would be even more special because it falls on the most romantic day of the year! However, you’re running out of time; the clock is ticking and you might not find anything in time for the special day.

You’ve been to your local diamond shops and have seen everything they have to offer, but nothing has stuck. You want to propose, but you can’t find the ring you’re looking for. Well, I have an answer for you: Olivia Ewing! Olivia Ewing Jewelry creates one-of-a-kind nature-inspired jewelry that is sure to be a hit! For a beautiful, ethically sourced engagement ring consider buying a Montana Sapphire Engagement Ring! Hand selected and hand crafted, this ring features a beautiful stone set in a ring cast from a real twig! Wow! Unique and beautiful! What more could you ask for? The only thing is that all Olivia Ewing Montana Sapphire Rings are made to order in 3-6 weeks. Well, let’s see if we can work around that.

If you’ve looked at her website, then you’ve probably come to the conclusion that all Olivia Ewing pieces are ridiculously stunning (and we agree). However, you’ve settled on buying a Montana Sapphire Engagement Ring to give to the love of your life. Well, seeing as how Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, there is a slim to none chance of getting your ring in time. Even though you may not be able to create a romantic engagement evening on Valentine’s Day, you can still create a perfectly romantic night to surprise the love of your life with; it’ll be a night she’ll never see coming. Here’s how:

Well, if it were me trying to create a perfect moment to propose after Valentine’s Day I would do the following things. First, I would call Olivia Ewing at 800-386-0103 and find out the earliest date you could receive the ring. Next, create the most romantic evening for Valentine’s Day, drop some hints, and act in a way that would make your partner think you are proposing. By doing this, you’ll create a romantic evening that your partner will love, but that will also make her feel a little bit disappointed at the end of the night. The night will end and weeks will pass and your partner will think she misunderstood and will forget about expecting a proposal. However, you haven’t forgotten and you’re laughing (inside) about how shocked your girlfriend will be when the moment actually comes along.

And finally, you’ve received your ring! You’ve known the day it was going to arrive and planned for the weekend after to create a moment both you and your girlfriend will never forget! To create even more of a surprise, throw on some comfy clothes, order take-out, and place the ring in a glass of wine you’ll pass off to your girlfriend. Or come up with some other way of surprising your girlfriend with a ring she won’t expect. You can tell her all about how you searched for the perfect ring and how your Valentine’s Day plans fell through, only to come up with this genius moment! It will be a night you’ll both remember forever, an occasion you can laugh about, and a great story to tell for years to come! And remember, Olivia Ewing does it best and her jewelry will never disappoint! For more information on buying a Montana Sapphire Engagement Ring, visit her website today!

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