What Are The Benefits of Using Period Underwear?

What Are The Benefits of Using Period Underwear?

There are many misconceptions regarding menstruation worldwide; many women suffer during their menstruation days because of a lack of information and accessibility. It is widespread in developing countries like Australia, where poverty is high. 

In Australia, many people still use unsuitable items like toilet paper, unclean clothes, socks, etc., because they don’t have access to proper sanitary products. According to a survey in Australia, many people wear a pad or a tampon for more than 6 hours and sometimes more than a day because they can’t afford these products. However, many menstrual health care brands have started manufacturing period undies in Australia. It is a much better alternative in every way, especially for people who are struggling with affordability and accessibility issues. 

Period underwear is specially designed for menstrual days to absorb the flow. You can find them in different sizes and absorbency limits. Using these undies has many benefits, such as anti-microbial fabric, moisture-locking features, no odour, etc. However, if you want to know these benefits, then you can read the following points:

Good for environment

A woman uses approximately 15000 pads in her life for periods. The sanitary pads use non-biodegradable material to prevent leakage and lock odour. However, these pads go into landfills after use and harm the planet by adding toxicity to the surface. Hence, it is essential to choose your menstrual products consciously so that the planet remains safe from all these toxins. Period underwear is a great option because they are non-disposable products one can use again and again after washing. 

Easy to use

Some people find it difficult to adjust to the idea of directly wearing underwear for periods because they are used to wearing pads as a protective layer. Moreover, there are also some misconceptions that this underwear can trap bacteria. After some use, it is unhygienic to use these undies as they can lead to diseases and infections. But the truth is that these undies are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. 


One major benefit of using these undies is that they are affordable. You only have to purchase some to use alternately, and you will save a lot of money you would have spent on buying pads. In addition, it is a one-time purchase. 


Different types of underwear are available in the market so you can find different types of period undies in Australia. So, if you want bikini-style period underwear, you can find it easily; similarly, there are brief styles and boy shorts styles also. You won’t have to adjust to any other style of underwear because you can choose the style you are comfortable with. 

You can go swimming.

Many women avoid going for a swim when they are menstruating because they can’t find any waterproof menstruation products. For example, you can’t wear a pan or a tampon while swimming because the water will reach it. However, you can wear period underwear because they are created using waterproof material.

It is liberating

Many women feel trapped and confined wearing that or any other barrier to control leakage. But if they start wearing underwear with inbuilt layers to hold all the liquid, it will feel liberating because you won’t have to worry about changing your pad or tampon every four hours. 

The above points list some advantages of using period underwear instead of other disposable menstruation products. It will be not only physically comfortable but also environmentally friendly. So, search online and get yourself some pairs of period undies.

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