What to Wear on a First Date?

What to Wear on a First Date?

There is an old saying that “your first impression is your last impression” and your very first impression is always your outfit. If you know what to wear on your first date, you have already scored your second date.

Looking for the best outfit?

Yes, it can be really hard to decide what to wear on a first date. But, if you follow these basic guidelines, you can have an impact.

So, here is what you should and should not wear on a first date.

Confidence is the key

Always wear something comfortable. Studies show that when you feel good, you look good. When you wear a comfortable outfit, you increase in confidence and you feel powerful. Courage makes you look good and attractive.

It is called the theory of enclothed cognition. According to this theory, a person’s thought process, abstract thinking and confidence are affected by his clothing.

Wearing items that represent courage, success, and sex appeal for instance a black or navy blue dress, a well-stitched suit jacket, or well-tailored pants will make you feel more confident and secure while flirting. You can also try wearing blazer clothing to look even more confident.

When in doubt, go with Red or Black

Red and black are very romantic colours. They can make you look more attractive and more desirable. According to a study, black is the most popular colour to wear for a first date.

Generally, it is inoffensive, very pleasing and looks good with everything. And it reveals a lot about yourself too and that is vital on a first date. So, whenever you are confused about what to wear, black and red are the safest to go.

Avoid Vibrant colours

Vibrant colours are the least representatives of confidence, courage, success, intelligence and sexiness. And these five are the most desired characteristics on a first date.

Vibrant colours are used in apps, to of course get attention and increase visibility. They are used in caution signs and safety gears. So wearing vibrant colours on a first date subconsciously gives the idea that the person is very superficial, arrogant and seeking attention.

Do Not Overshoot

Try to look simple but stylish. Go with classic styles and trends. Wearing something super trendy and fashion-forward gives the impression that you are very materialistic and money-oriented. You want to look humble and grateful.

For women, you should go with a simple black or red dress or a casual blouse with some feminine accessories with little or no makeup. A lipstick and a blush-on will do. Men should go with a well-tailored shirt with chinos or jeans, with dressy shoes and a watch.

Be Yourself

Be true with yourself, show the real you. Faking a personality always fails. Show what you are. Clothes will do nothing until or unless there’s an authentic and confident person wearing them. Your dressing should represent your particular style and personality. Wear your favourite colour, your favourite perfume or your lucky watch. This will give you the power and courage to be who you are.

People try to fake their personalities and try to be someone else. You don’t have to sacrifice your principles just because they appear to conflict. Consider it all to be a part of who you are and Be Yourself.

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