Why Bold Fashionistas Choose Obsessharness

Why Bold Fashionistas Choose Obsessharness

Why bold fashionistas choose Obsessharness

Did you know that one detail of the wardrobe can radically change your image, give it the right accents and a special mood. But what if this detail also emphasizes your feminine energy and charisma, helps to make a stunning impression on men? What is its secret, how to get it?

The answer is simple: don’t be afraid of something new, try different types of lingerie, leather harness for women, combine styles, pick up accessories. Surprise yourself and your partner, with incredible feelings.

We create beauty with care for your health

We understand the desire of every woman to emphasize her beauty and femininity. However, we consider health to be equally important. Beauty without health is the wrong way to go.

Modern technologies now make it possible to use a variety of synthetic materials in clothing and accessories. Many manufacturers, following such innovations, reduce the cost of production by replacing more expensive materials and accessories with bright and cheap counterparts.

We make sure that our products are not only pleasing your eye, but also cause pleasant tactile impressions, convenience and comfort. When wearing a harness, there should be no unpleasant consequences after wearing and allergic reactions on the skin from touching metal buckles, rivets and chains. That is why ObsessHarness uses high-quality Italian-made leather and luxury hypoallergenic dyes, accessories are nickel-plated.

Unique design – unique You

Our creative designers do not get tired of creating models of leather underwear of various shapes, incredible interweaving of straps in the patterns of belts and bandages, all kinds of necklaces and accessories.

However, you can feel yourself a designer. Our products can be purchased not only in a set, but also separately. Feel free to combine women harness sets in different combinations. It all depends on part of the body you want to draw attention to.

Create your own unique look with accessories that suit you. You can combine a leather harness with clothes, wear over underwear, and on a naked body. There is also a custom-made according to your preferences. All you need is to provide a sketch or a photo of the desired product, and you will receive the accessory of your dreams.

Color palette for every mood

The catalog contains leather harnesses for women that have about ten options for skin colors. A wide range of colors will satisfy the most demanding customers. You can choose individually for your skin tone this version of the harness and leather underwear to make it look as attractive as possible.

The most popular this season among fashionistas are wine and sea wave, strict black. Bandages and harnesses for women of gold, red, pink, green colors also remain popular, and even white suits someone. At the same time, the color of the accessories can also be chosen in different versions – gold and silver.

The choice is yours!

Individual approach: to taste and color

We are all different in our tastes and fantasies. The same woman can have different tastes and design choices depending on the mood or situations. It is courage and assertiveness or seductiveness and femininity. Therefore, we make women’s harness, harness for strap on, necklaces and leather lingerie based on your individual parameters and feelings. Each design includes the ability to adjust the main details fasteners and belts to comfortable fit for your figure.

We delight customers all over the world with fast delivery

Production time 5-7 days, delivery 5-9 days. The store has a convenient exchange and return policy if the item does not suit you. You can return it within the specified period of time in the rules of the store. We respect confidentiality and the right to privacy, which means we do not share private data about customers with anyone.

Dare to choose something unusual in the Obsessharness leather harness store, you deserve the best.

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