Benefits of Independence Day 2020 and Blogging
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Benefits of Independence Day 2020 and Blogging

Benefits of Independence Day 2020 and Blogging

The Indian tricolor hoisting at Times Square in New York in America will mark Bhartiya Swatantrata Diwas 2020. The Empire State Building lits in orange, white, and green to mark the special occasion. In India, the Prime Minister will unfurl the national flag at Red Fort, New Delhi. Over 1.3 billion Indians of diverse languages and religions will party, sing, and dance to mark the occasion so dear to our hearts. At a thousand locations across the vast country, flags will unfurl to mark yet another birthday.

Residences have their little flags to remind of that dramatic day. Sweets and prayers, greetings, and poems light up our hearts as we relived that momentous occasion in 1947.

Independence-DayHaving reached the month of August in the year of the corona pandemic, it is time for celebration! When Indian independence was achieved on 15 August 1947, it came at a high price. The British rulers had controlled the country for over two centuries. The 20th century commenced with two bitter world wars that shook the foundations of the universe. Humanity realized that they were capable of destroying themselves. Never before in human history had such vast wars been fought with colossal destruction.

Reaching the 74th milestone

Happy 74th Independence Day! A century of independence seems a very long, long time to wait until 2047. Yet, these are small time scales in the history of a country. Existence seems to make no sense without a bitter struggle to survive. A bird that has not lived in a cage may not know what it means to be free! Yet, once freedom is experienced, like in 1947, it would be an excellent opportunity to build our national infrastructure and dream afresh.

Indians studied and worked, married, and died even under the British. Yet, isn’t it a humiliating experience to be enslaved? Long before the British, it was the Mughal rule that lasted even longer. It is the dilution of culture that we dread the most. Why should there be compromises?

Digital predominance

Schools and colleges moving online is another grim reminder of the direction in which we are heading. Already, e-commerce is a billion-dollar industry.

It seems that business and communication, social media and education, software development, and leadership cannot exist without the digital world.

Further, education and shopping during the pandemic, along with social media and games, training courses, etc. have magnified enormously. Digital slaves, shall we call ourselves?

End of colonialism and slavery

After centuries of oppression, slavery, and colonial empires by the European powers like England and France, Belgium, and Spain, freedom appeared. World bodies like UNO have now become the conscience of the world. It is like breathing of fresh air after being confined in dark dungeons. The bright light of day now triumphs across most areas of the globe.

Commitment to eliminate suffering and poverty

While celebrating independence, let us be reminded of areas still gripped by war and famine. Remote regions are still denied education and development.

Environmental problems are getting worse. Sharing of resources and more equitable conditions would improve the situation. Wealthy and powerful countries should be doing more to ensure social justice.

Media expression lies at the heart of change

Digitally blessed as we are at this point in history, the media’s enormous power will change the world. If leaders and social workers can manipulate the press appropriately and create changes in thinking, anything is possible. The same concept applies to individuals and companies too. Creating goodwill, attracting followers and praise, gaining visibility? Branding products and services were never easier, but you got to be a computer and media literate. That is not a big deal with ample multimedia learning resources online to start that thrilling journey.


Guest blogging platforms

Attracting attention was always considered important to sell products and services. Along with songs and dances, beating the drum and posters, the stage was instrumental in the olden days. The days of the town crier were similar to our 21st-century world, essentially speaking. Making a mark catapulted you to the center of the stage.

The online world of glitzy websites and blogs, apps and webinars, podcasts, and live traffic represent today’s world. Compare populations of medieval times with ours and how much we have grown at well over 7 billion.

Surviving and succeeding in digital online scapes!

If your voice is heard, if your images can be seen and appreciated, customers will flock to you, but how? It would help if you had a display area for goods and services. Just like those stages of the olden days, you need a display arena like an exhibition hall. It is all there online. Billing and shopping carts, shelves and counters, malls, meeting places, discussion groups, and everything exist in digital terms.

Doesn’t it feel good in the live marketplace?

Education, employment and health matters, Real Estate and Finance, Business, and Automobiles – yes, we need them all in a meaningful life. We probably need many more phenomena. Where will we find them? Searching in the city will be too difficult. Besides, everybody is hooked online. The internet is the scene of action, and life makes no sense without it.

Blogging is the answer

Capturing the limelight and gaining exposure to people who could be achieved by powerful blogging. By power, we do not mean weapons but ideas and strategies, content and images, videos, and statistics. Creativity lies at the heart of too many visibility campaigns, and some of them are sheer innocence in slogans and blurbs. Appealing to the amateur and the professional may be different, but luck has a role to play.

Conquer with Research

Fashion and furniture, accounting and dental services, food and computer games, and so many more take the researched digital route to success. The guest blogging sites have much to offer, just like the stages and sports arenas of old. Hit the target with sustained research. Digital marketing has a few tricks, but you need to amplify your vision in text and images, videos, and animations. Find a place to display everything. Super guest blogging sites like LIVE BLOGPOST are the answer to sustain your dream of success. Keep flying high.

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