Buy The Perfectly Healthy Goat For Eid Ul Adha from Pashubajaar

Buy The Perfectly Healthy Goat For Eid Ul Adha from Pashubajaar

Eid Ul Adha is around the corner. Everyone is getting ready to celebrate this joy and happiness. However, this year, the picture is a little different. Many people are worried about where they can arrange the Qurbani goat. To their relief, Pashubajaar has taken an excellent initiative where you can Buy Goat Online.

As we all know that desperate time needs desperate measure, in this time of Covid-19 outbreak, we have to change the course of our normal life. Instead of going to the shopping mall, we prefer to order online for groceries and other essential materials. Maintaining social distancing is the only way to break the chain of the deadly virus.

However, it may hamper the preparation of all the celebrations along with Bakrid. Along with shopping, the Eid Qurbani Goat is another essential thing to complete the charm of the festival. The lockdown has affected the daily activities of life and in this scenario we have to think of some alternative way. And Pashubajaar is the perfect answer to this problem.

Why Pashubajaar is the best option to Buy Goat Online?


Pashubajaar as the website may come into existence recently, but it is an initiative of The Nandi Nandan Breeds and Seeds Pvt Ltd, a sister concern of The Goat Trust. They are the first in India to introduce live body weight scaling so that they can maintain the transparency. They are one of the oldest and renowned livestock entrepreneurs in India. To Buy Goat Online, they are the most trusted platform in the country.

Eid Qurbani Goat


No matter where you stay in India, you can access and get the delivery of the goat of the farthest corner of the country. For example, in Kerala, you can enjoy the soft and juicy meat of Jamunapari goat of Uttar Pradesh; all thanks to Pashubajaar. All the top breeds of India like Sirohi, Black Bengal, Betal, Osmanabadi, Jamunapadi, Gaddi, and Barbari along with the local breeds are available here. Perhaps, the local livestock market would not be able to bring so many varieties for you in one place.

Hassle-Free Service:

Every year, you have to travel to the livestock market to buy the Eid Qurbani Goat. This year, visiting a crowded place may be dangerous as you can barely maintain social distancing there. The Pashubajaar website has made everything quite easy for everyone. To buy Goat Online, you have to visit the website, check out the available breeds of the goats, add them to the cart with the required amount and then fill up the contact form on the website. The seller will confirm from you and you will receive the goats before Bakrid without any added worry.

Quality Assurance:

As Pashubajaar is in business for long, they know all the guidelines to choose bucks for Qurbani. They always maintain all of them to provide the best quality goat that is fit for the sacrifice. Apart from that, they make sure the health condition of the goats and provide you the certificate issued by a registered vet surgeon.

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