Celebrating Diwali In A Corporate Atmosphere
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Celebrating Diwali In A Corporate Atmosphere

Celebrating Diwali In A Corporate Atmosphere

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Usually, when people talk about Diwali, they are hit with the ideas of handmade sweets, firecrackers, shopping, family and friends trading greetings, and Diwali gifts, etc. However, did you ever think about how the festival is commemorated in the corporate world? Or how can people celebrate this magnificent festival in corporate offices? If you are under a perplexity of options, these few suggestions can assist you in searching for a triumphant Diwali celebration.

  1. The Gifts – Diwali is usually quoted as the most appropriate period for corporate gifting. Whether it is clients, business partners, colleagues, or employees, seeking the most competent corporate gifts for diwali each year is a tiresome responsibility and involves numerous constituents adding to an excellent Diwali gift. Providing dry fruits, sweets, and chocolates is invariably a superb option, but it will be more impressive when supplemented with a personal touch. Besides that, you can additionally go for an innovative gift that will improve their professional life. With the aid of online purchasing, you can even send Diwali gifts to Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, etc., if you own corporations established in numerous locations.
  2. The Potluck – Planning a potluck meal at the office is not merely a fabulous Diwali activity, but is additionally an excellent means to get out of that tedious work atmosphere and have a good time. Workers can get homemade foods of their preference, and the whole office can relish varied specialties. Another alternative is where people from various communities can get foods that are popular in their precincts. In this manner, you will have regional variations that everybody can savor.
  3. Fun Activities – Transform your workplace into an entertaining area by arranging various fun activities, like office decoration contests, ethnic wear for work, pottery, painting earthen diyas, singing and dance championships. You can even plan multiple activities for the employees that are eco-friendly. Apart from that, you can also throw a party for your employees along with lunch or dinner, whichever applicable.
  4. Sweet preparing contest – We are all aware that all festivals call for a lovely commemoration. So, why not hold a sweet preparing contest at the office. In the modern-day world, we are so occupied that we have overlooked the custom of preparing homemade sweets. So, inspire your workers to participate and recall the traditions of preparing homemade treats.
  5. Ethnic Dress Competition – You can also supplement some fun by inviting your workers to come ethnically dressed to work. Indeed, it will be a delightful scene when everybody steps into the office in gorgeous and picturesque ethnic attire. You can also choose employees or ask them to volunteer for a ramp walk contest, and award chocolate and sweets gift hampers to the victors.
  6. A theme party – Nowadays, most people believe in ‘Work hard & Party harder.’ You can have a Bollywood style theme party where the workers can arrive dressed as their beloved Bollywood stars and try to mimic their preferred actors. Also, you can have some impressive games with the Diwali theme, singing and dance contests, etc.
  7. Rangoli and Diya Contest – Rangoli and Diyas have invariably had an influential connection with Diwali festivities. So you can organize contests where employees can prepare Diyas by themselves and color them. They can also make exciting rangoli utilizing shredded color papers, blossoms, or colors obtained from food articles, rather than harmful chemical dyes.
  8. Spread Smiles – Festivals bring along an enthusiastic atmosphere on their arrival. The new clothes, gifts, firecrackers, food delicacies, etc. are something that is relished by many. But, numerous unfortunate & unprivileged people within our midst crave similar happiness that people like us enjoy. So, it is our moral responsibility, as human beings, to take care of such people and deliver some happiness into their lives. You can invite your workers to step forward and visit NGOs that house impoverished people and children, spend time with them, and share things like books, toys, clothes, etc. You can also spend time with the elderly in old age homes who are deserted by their children and give them a reason to smile.

Also, keeping the festive season in mind, we should ensure that our commemorations don’t adversely affect our planet.

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