Easy Decor Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Easy Decor Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here and we are all busy making plans for the day of love. While couples want to paint the town red with their love, singles are out there pampering themselves and making it all about self love. No matter what your relationship status is, special days call for special preparation and celebration.

By adding a pinch of love to your space can make the day even better. While lighting candles and Valentine Day rose delivery are all the hype these days, there are various other simple décor ideas for the Valentine’s. Trust me on this, decorating your home isn’t as complicated as you think. Here are some easy-peasy ways of making your house themed according to the day of love:

  • Adding in Red
    What is Valentine’s Day without the colour red? Dull white walls make for a perfect background for the red props as the colour really pops out on whites. You can go for balloons, mugs with love-related quotes, heart-shaped crockery in red, banners, and post-its and so on. There are countless props that are affordable and easily available. Don’t forget to wear your sexiest red dress or shirt to get into the mood. If you want a comfy vibe, you can even wear pajamas in red or with little hearts. Seriously, ideas are endless when it comes to Valentine’s Day décor.
  • Ordering Flowers
    Flowers can lift up anyone’s mood and V-Day is the perfect time of bringing in some for you. Fresh flowers not only beautify the space but their lingering fragrance spreads positivity all around. Visit a florist or order them online and decorate your home with your favourite ones. Although roses are sold the most on this day, you can go for daisies, orchids, or any flower of your choice as it’s your day and your space! You can even send flowers to delhi, Pune, and Kolkata etc. to your loved ones on this day.
  • Pleasing the Sweet Tooth
    If you love chocolates, Valentine’s is the perfect time for treating your sweet tooth while also using the sweets as a décor item. Take a glass jar and fill it up with candies and chocolates. It is probably the easiest thing to do for getting all the “love” feels while also keeping your sugar rush high. Moreover, you can go for the affordable chocolates so that it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. This inexpensive way of adding colour to your space is definitely going to do wonders. You can even hang heart-shaped candies in your garden or scatter them in your yard.
  • Displaying Pictures
    One of the trendiest and most Pinterest things to do is getting some printouts for your walls. From quotes that make you happy or polaroids with memories, you can get very creative with this idea. This quick décor is not just for Valentine’s Day but can stay on the walls all year long, giving your space a happy vibe. You can check out various sites that offer cool printables as well. You can also turn this into a fun activity where you and your friends come together to decorate your house.
  • Cute DIYs
    If you love to do craft, making some Valentine-themed DIY projects can be a cool idea. You can make a tree of hearts with paper hearts stuck on twigs. You can even stick pictures of your loved ones on those hearts. If you have a white pillow, take out your brushes and paint little hearts with fabric colours. You can make your own candles too. If you are looking for something super easy, buy a pack of pom balls and hang them through a string on your window panes. There are way too many DIY ideas that you can go for. You can even look up on Pinterest for more creative inspirations.
  • Mini Bar
    To raise the bar of your home décor, you can take it up a notch by creating your own mini bar. If you don’t want alcohol, go for sodas and hot chocolate. You can use Valentine’s Day roses and balloons to give it a festive theme. You can have this bar in every season and decorate it as per the occasions. Beverage bars make for an excellent addition to your space. You can use it up for experimenting with mocktails or just coming up with your own beverage recipes.


  • Scented Candles
    As I said earlier, candles are totally in these days and they have a very positive aura. You can have a perfect Valentine evening with your partner or all by yourself- just turn off the lights and light up some beautiful candles. Play some soft romantic music and eat your favourite meal- what a simple and great way of celebrating the day of love!
  • Table Runners and Door Mats
    If you are planning a V-Day party for your friends, invest in some good love-themed items. You can buy table runners or door mats with heart prints for a cute addition to your overall décor. For your sofas, chairs and benches, buy a throw pillow that goes well with the Valentine’s Day theme. For little spaces, go for a pillow cover which you can put over the pillows you already have. If you still have your Christmas tree, use it up as a décor piece by putting up fairy lights and heart motifs on it.

Apart from all these ideas, you can go for stickers, posters, and a lot more for getting into the true Valentine’s feel. You can even place Valentine’s Day bouquet & flowers delivery in Gurgaon or floral arrangements on your tables or scatter rose petals on your bed. Let your creative juices flow and give your space a well-planned yet affordable makeover. Your house deserves to be loved to and show it that you care by making it a beauty to look at this Valentine’s. You need to get all ready for the most romantic day of the year. Create your own happy, romantic atmosphere and enjoy every bit of it.

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