Halloween History Evolution Of Halloween Costumes And Halloween Wig Ideas

Halloween History Evolution Of Halloween Costumes And Halloween Wig Ideas

The Halloween Festival, which started in Ireland, has now crossed the borders and became part of many countries’ cultures. From wearing spooky Halloween costumes, Going Trick-or-Treating, Bobbing the apples to Carving Halloween Jack-O’-Lanterns; Halloween is indeed one of the most entertaining festivals.

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In this blog, we will learn a bit about Halloween History, Origin of Halloween Dressing, The Evolution of Halloween Costumes, and Tips To Buy & Wear Halloween Wigs. Let’s get started.

The History Of Halloween

It is believed that Halloween originated in Celtic island around 2000 years ago, with the festival known as Samhain (pronounced sow-in). The festival celebrated the divide of the two halves of the year- summer and winter; light and dark.

During the Samhain, the veils between this world and the other world were at their thinnest allowing spirits to pass through.

Families would invite lost loved ones and ancestors into their homes to share in their celebrations, and in order to avoid harm from evil spirits, they would wear costumes and masks to disguise themselves.

Over the time, the night before traditionally known as Samhain became All Hallows Eve and, eventually, Halloween.

Origin of Halloween Costumes

Dressing up during Halloween originated from the celts who dressed up as evil spirits to avoid harm from other evil spirits during the Samhain festival. The festival also includes the custom called trick-or-treating. Trick-or-treating mainly consists of children running around on sugar highs collecting candies.

In medieval Britain, the young would also dress up in Halloween costumes, and they would go door to door collecting food and sometimes even money. In exchange, they would sing, recite poetry, story, or jokes. These traditions were revived in the 19th century in America by the Irish and Scottish migrants in the form we know today trick-or-treat.

The Evolution of Halloween Costumes

In the early 1900s, Halloween was only centered around private parties and gathering within the community. People would make scary masks out of paper mache, and create costumes from home fabrics, wax, and makeup.

During the 1920s, Halloween started becoming a more secular, community-based festival. Lavish parties, parades, and dances became all the rage and pointy hats were in.

In the 1930s, the rise of cinema and the mass production of Halloween costumes made it possible to dress up as your favorite character. In the 1940s, womens Halloween costumes started becoming sexier with the rise of Halloween themed pin-ups. With the entry of televisions into middle-class homes, Hollywood characters have become more popular.

In the 1960s, Halloween costumes reflected the sexual, political, and social upheaval at the time. President’s masks were in trends.

In the 1970s, superheroes took the front seat of the Mens Halloween costumes. Besides, science fiction also introduced a host of new characters.

Halloween masks have also become an essential piece of Halloween costumes.

The 1980s brought new options for Halloween costumes with the invention of spandex and other fabrics. These new fabrics not only made costumes variety limitless but also gave the Halloween costume culture a modern touch.

In the 1990s, the horror movie ‘Scream’ gave birth to one of the most popular Halloween masks of all time. In addition, costumes of celebrities, music bands, and caricatures of actors have also become popular.

In the 2000s, the trend of DIY costumes continued as well as superheroes Halloween costumes again made an entry to the costume culture with the rebirth of marvel studio and batman.

Acknowledging Halloween’s growing popularity, not only mens costumes or womens costumes but Family Halloween costumes were also being designed.

The availability of the internet laid the foundation of online ordering, community forums, and let people recreate their favorite characters.

By the 2010s, the Halloween costumes culture had changed a lot. With the rise of cosplay, nerd culture, and comic books, people started making high-quality costumes at home.

Tips To Buy & Wear Halloween Wigs

A. Tips to Buy Halloween Wigs

1) Choose your style: First of all, think about your style statement. You should pick a lace front wig if you want your wig to look natural and realistic. Or else, choose a long hair, multicolored wig if you are cosplaying. Remember, Halloween wigs are a part of Halloween costumes.

2) Decide your budget: Once you are done with the style & look, decide your budget. You can easily find decent Halloween costumes wigs between the price range of $6-$10. Don’t spend too much on the wig that makes hole in your pocket. Visit the Halloween costume sell or thrift stores. These are the ideal places to buy quality products at reasonable prices.

3) Decide the material types: The wigs are primarily made up of two materials, natural hair or synthetic hair. Natural hair wigs give you a more realistic look but are comparatively costly. Whereas, artificial hair wigs are cheap but can be easily recognized and have a short life span.

B. Tips to Wear Halloween Wigs

1) Put on the wig cap- Make sure that wig is of the perfect size for your head. The most common wig size is 21-22 inches. If your head is of the same size, then most of the wigs will fit you. Based on the head size, choose the wig cap.

2) Settle your hair for the wig cap- If your hair is too long; twist them into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. If your hair is short, clip them with the help of hair clips.

3) Pull the wig cap on- The wig caps usually don’t have any specified front or back. Start wearing a cap where you have more hair. Make sure all of the hairs remain inside the cap.

4) Secure the cap with the snap clips- To ensure the wig cap doesn’t move; clip it with the snap clips. You will need almost 6-8 snap clips to hold the wig cap efficiently. Make sure the top of the clip is over the Halloween cap, while the bottom of the wig remains under the hair and cap.

5) Put on the wigs- Once you have put the wig cap successfully, the next task is to put on the Halloween wigs. Hold the wig with both hands and slowly slide the wig over the cap.

6) Keep the wig scalp line parallel to the forehead- The wig scalp line should be just above the eyebrows. Pull the wig down until it covers the back of your wig cap.

7) Keep your wig in place- It is necessary that the wig remains in place throughout the Halloween party. To ensure this, you can use the bobby pins. Pierce the bobby pins through the wig, the wig cap, and into your hair.

8) Test the comfortable level- Check the comfortable level and safety level by jumping up and down. Shake your head side to side. Add more pins if needed.

9) Style the wig- Once you ensure the wig and wig cap’s stability and comfortability, style the wig. Spray and brush it down.

There you go my friend! You are ready to roll! Wishing you all a very spooky Halloween!

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