7 Silver Bullion Coins That Will Enrich Any Portfolio

7 Silver Bullion Coins That Will Enrich Any Portfolio

When it comes to reaping profits from your investment, nothing gives you a better return than precious metals. There are several options in metals – gold, silver and even platinum. However, silver remains popular with people who want a quick liquidation. Investment metals are available in the market in many forms bars, rounds, and coins. Which one should you choose? Coins are issued by the government while rounds are manufactured by private mints. Therefore, coins are more widely accepted and are thus easier to liquidate. So, if you are exploring some lucrative investment options, zero in on 1oz silver coins for sale for the maximum return. The question, at this point, is which of the coins you should buy to make a profit. Keeping their resale potentials in mind, we have made a list of seven silver coin varieties from four continents (in no particular order):

1. The American Silver Eagle Coin

The guarantee of arguably the world’s most powerful government coupled with the coins’ limited availability turns them into the world’s one of the most sought-after silver bullion coins.  Thanks to these two factors, their value tends to appreciate with age. The Silver Eagles of the 1986 series can give you $7-above-spot profit, while the pieces of the 2001 set can sell at a price of $5 or $6 over spot. If you are trying to balance between cost and ease of liquidity, the American Silver Eagle coin will be the perfect choice for you. However, the American Silver Eagle coins are not an inexpensive way to buy silver. Consider investing in them only if you are ready to spend more than $6,000 on the coins.

2. Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

When it comes to investing in silver bullions, you cannot just ignore the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf, another government-minted legal tender. Besides its aesthetic appeal, these coins happen to be the world’s purest, government-issued bullion coins. At $1.80 and $2.50 over spot price, these magnificent coins command more or less the same value as the Silver American Eagles. However, the former enjoys a higher numismatic value. For instance, the 2008 Silver Maple pieces are already selling for around $3 over spot.  Issued for the first time back in 1988, this iconic coin boasts one of the most extensive mintage histories in the bullion industry. As an absolute symbol of Canada, they come with unique security features including micro-engraved leaf privy mark and a light-diffracting background pattern. With a CAD 5 face value, Silver Maple Leaves make an excellent investment option for both the new and the seasoned investors.

3. Morgan Silver Dollar

Coin investors generally prefer coins with .999 silver purity over those that have a lower silver content. However, Morgan coins are an exception. These 0.86-ounce coins are composed of 90 percent of silver and 10 percent copper. This composition makes them comparable to the original Spanish dollars from which the U.S. currency had taken its inspiration. They were in circulation for 26 years (from 1878 to 1904). In 1921, it was introduced once again but this time stayed in the transaction roll for only a year. Some coins from this series have enormous numismatic value while some older coins are available at a lot lower price.

4. Pure Silver Britannia Coins

What is that an investor craves for the most while investing in precious metal? Tax exemption, of course, and these 99.99 percent pure silver coins offer coin buyers just that. They are the only coins that are free from any Capital Gains Tax.  No wonder, big investors in Britain and beyond find these pieces extremely reliable when it comes to making profits out of their metal investments. Despite being more expensive than the American silver Eagles and the Canadian Silver Maples, the one ounce silver coins are easy to liquidate in the international market. Issued by The Royal Mint, these prestigious coins are ideal for long-term investors seeking to diversify their portfolio and hedge it against the volatility of the gold bullion industry.

5. Two ounce Silver Queen’s Beast (Red Dragon)

Another product bearing the prestige of the 1000-year old institution called Royal Mint, the 2017 issue of Silver Queen’s Beast Coin, belongs to the famous 10-coin Heraldic Beasts series. While it has a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on one side, the other side flaunts the red dragon – an emblem of Wales. With a spectacular design and high value in the international market, this two-ounce pure silver coin makes a prestigious addition to any coin collection.

6. One Ounce Silver Australia Kookaburra Perth Mint .999 Fine BU

The .999 pure Silver Australia Kookaburra is one of the prized items among investors worldwide. A product of the prestigious Perth Mint, these coins showcase a pair of laughing kookaburra, a true-blue Aussie species found in eucalyptus forests of the eastern parts of the country. The guarantee of one of the world’s wealthiest mints coupled with its aesthetic charms makes these Kookaburra coins high in demand internationally.

7. 30 gram Chinese Silver Panda 10 Yuan

How can you make a list of investment coins and not include an item from one of the world’s most powerful emerging economies? So, let’s explore how China can help enhance your portfolio. Released more than three decades back in 1983, the .999 fine Silver Chinese Silver Panda is a beauty you would not only like to behold but also possess. The engraving of a playful panda feasting on bamboo branches holds up the Chinese spirit just perfectly. The obverse is an exhibition of the Chinese heritage as well; it depicts the Hall of Prayer in the famous Taoist Temple of Heaven in Beijing.  This year, the Chinese mint has released a limited edition, which contains just 10,000,000 coin pieces.

When exploring various silver bullion coins for sale, you should consider several factors including the volatility risks and the security aspects. We have just told you the major options in silver coins that can give you the maximum return on your investment. Consider an experienced local coin dealer to learn the details about silver coins and your options for investment.

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