A Complete Guide to Chauffeur Insurance
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A Complete Guide to Chauffeur Insurance

A Complete Guide to Chauffeur Insurance

The first question that comes into mind is whether you need specialist chauffeur insurance and the answer is yes. If you take passengers who have pre-hired your service, then you need private hire vehicles. Chauffeur car insurance is particularly made for luxury and high-value vehicles and the service they give you.

Difference between private hire vehicle and chauffeur insurance

Chauffeur insurance is a kind of private hire insurance. It will ensure that you meet the legal requirements for insurance to cover taking free-paying passengers. But it has been conceived to meet the particular needs of chauffeurs driving all luxury vehicles from luxury vehicles to standard cars. Chauffeur insurance will only cover executive vehicles.

For most chauffeurs, driving is their living and passion. In this, you work on a daily basis. That means if you are not driving then you are not earning and in some cases, it can affect your relationship with the clients and can damage your self-esteem. If any mishap or accident occurs, then your vehicle needs to be repaired and at that time your insurance provider needs to give you a replacement car while your vehicle is not good enough to drive. That is the way, you can still work even when your vehicle is not fit.

If you get injured during an accident, you might not be able to drive for some period of time. Interruption of earning insurance or accident cover will help you financially so you can pay out your bill.

Types of cover

You can look out for different insurance products depending on your pocket and needs. Every product has been designed in a way that you can relax if something happens.

In addition to the private hire insurance cover, you can add the following:

Public liability insurance:

It will be beneficial for you when your client or any member gets injured.

Employee liability insurance:

It is legally imperative if you employ any member of the worker.

Breakdown cover:

  • It will include forward travel for your customers.
  • There are some other covers like replacing the vehicle with the same class you want to replace with and the other is commercial building insurance if the insurer wants to run the office from home.
  • It will also cover any personal accident and also legal expenses.
  • You can also use your private hire as a personal vehicle.

A Complete Guide to Chauffeur Insurance

How to get the best chauffeur insurance?

Pay annually: you should annually instead of monthly because the yearly insurance costs you less than the monthly insurance and you can get a higher premium, so you should pay in one go.

Always look for expert chauffeur insurance: if a company is an expert in a private hire vehicle or taxi insurance, it does not mean they will be good enough for modified and highly expensive as you have. You should always visit more companies because it will boost your confidence and you will get quotes for as low a price as possible.

Search for a custom-made set: you have to make sure that your chauffeur car insurance includes all the essentials for you. But you should not pay for anything you don’t need by looking for a simple package rather than an all-in insurance choice.

Like much other insurance, you can always find the best option for you by shopping around. Each company has its own policy but the premiums are based on the risk associated with it.

Chauffeur insurance brokers

We all know that recognizing insurance companies can be a time-consuming task. But we are working with expert chauffeurs to find you the best insurance at a reasonable price. We will work hard to use our knowledge to get great value of premiums on your behalf.  We will assist you and provide you with advice until you get an optimized solution.

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