A Guide To Gold Trading: What You Should Know

A Guide To Gold Trading: What You Should Know

Gold is a very unique metal that has properties like no other and for many reasons, gold has been the foundation pillar of the global economy and probably always will be. If you are looking to move into the gold market, there’s a lot to learn. This article offers you an overview of trading gold bullion.

Define Your Investment Goals

The first thing an investor should do is seriously think about what they expect from a commodity. Are you looking for a high long-term return, or is gold a safe hedge against inflation? There are many variables to take into account when looking to invest in gold and when you identify your goals, you can see whether or not gold is the best commodity to invest in.

Where To Acquire Gold Bullion

Let’s say you have decided to put 25% of your investment portfolio into gold and you wish to make the purchase in 1-ounce gold coins, known as bullion coins. Start with a Google search, which would lead you to leading dealers. Among them is City Gold Bullion that offers gold Brisbane investors go for. On their website, you can check the current spot price for 1-ounce gold coins. All reputable bullion dealers would have secure transport to deliver the gold to the customer and you can take physical possession of your gold.

Trading In Gold

Before you start trading on the gold markets, it is important that you know what you are doing; step 1 is to register with a reputable gold bullion dealer, which enables you trade in real time. As a trader, you don’t need to take possession of the commodity and the bullion dealer has many resources to help you get started as a trader in the precious metal market. Many novice traders start with an imaginary account, keeping a record of how their trading would have been if they had used real money. If you can turn a profit for a few months, perhaps you are ready to trade for real. Success is defined as accurate prediction of the gold market movements, which is easier said than done.

Gold Bullion Coins

Some investors prefer to store their wealth in 1-ounce gold coins that are 99.99% pure; examples include the Australian Kangaroo, the American Eagle and the Canadian Maple Leaf. If you acquire a few coins, the bullion dealer can have the bullion coins delivered by special courier and you can keep them in your safe. There are smaller coins if you wish to acquire smaller denominations of gold; half and quarter-ounce are freely available from a leading gold bullion dealer.

Looking For Trends

Gold Trading

As a gold trader, you should be looking to predict trends and by researching the past 100 years and looking at charts, you might be able to accurately predict where gold is going over the next 12 months, while if you are looking for long-term returns, the data is out there, all you have to do is find it. You can look at what market analysts are saying about the potential of gold’s performance in the coming year and makeup your own mind about whether gold is an attractive proposition at this time.

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