6 Tips On Choosing The Right Tractor For Your Agriculture Business

6 Tips On Choosing The Right Tractor For Your Agriculture Business

Getting the right tractor for your business is extremely important. Whether you procure them by taking a loan, obtaining an agricultural equipment leasing or any other way, working with a tractor that is perfect for your farm will have a huge impact on the productivity. Below are six tips you should consider while looking to purchase a tractor –

Size Of The Land: The size of your farmland will be an important determinant as to which tractor you should buy. You need to prepare a complete information about the land, including how much hectares of land you possess, what is the distance from the road to the farm and so on. If you have a small farm, then tractors with a horsepower of around 50hp will be sufficient. For larger farms, you may need 75hp tractors. If you are unsure about what type of tractor is best suitable for your land, consult with the seller of the tractor. They will be able to look at the land and recommend ideal tractors for you.

Size Of The Tractor: An important consideration is the size of the tractor. It should not be too large that it is cumbersome on the field. At the same time, it shouldn’t be too small and compact that you have to spend a lot more time in the field. Check out whether the tractor can comfortably maneuver at tight spots and corners of the field and the roads.

Tires Used: Look at the tires used in a tractor and check out if they are good enough to run successfully on the fields for a long period of time. See if its load capacity is sufficient for your operations. Also, check out the inflating pressure of the tires and compare it with other options to see if they are lower or higher.

Power: An important consideration when purchasing a tractor is the horsepower of the machine. There are two factors you should keep in mind – the Power Take Off (PTO) and the braking power. The PTO is a system that can take power from the tractor to run an implement and other things like compressors, pumps etc. The braking power refers to the horsepower of an engine excluding the power loss from the generator, water pump or other similar things. You must keep in mind that the actual horsepower that is delivered to the wheel will be lesser than the indicated braking power.

Customer Care: Do they offer proper customer assistance? In the case of any damage to the tractor, will their technical team come and take a look at your tractor or do you need to take the vehicle to a test center? How many years will on suite support be provided? Such questions need to be answered. Only then can you take a decision as to whether purchasing a tractor from a specific brand will turn out to be good or bad. If you think accompany cannot offer proper customer support at times when you are facing technical issues with the tractor, then it is better to avoid it.

Warranties: You will also need to consider how long a company offers a warranty on the tractors. Will they replace any damaged components for free? Are there components that will not be replaced? Remember to thoroughly enquire about such things with the seller.

Transmission:  You can opt for many types of transmission options, which include manual, automatic, and hydrostatic. The manual option will have an extra gear which gives it a higher torque. This comes in handy when there is a lot of pulling that need to be done. Hydrostatic transmission allows you to conveniently carry out functions like planting, doing field work, cutting hay and so on. They are a newer feature on the tractors but comes with a possibility of high repair cost if damaged.

Keep the above factors in mind when purchasing a tractor. If you find a tractor that you want but are not comfortable with the price, then you can consider options like agricultural equipment leasing. And as long as you purchase a tractor while accounting for the above factors, you should be able to get a machine that will serve you well.


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