Which is More Appropriate for an Expat in UAE? (Job Vs Business )

Which is More Appropriate for an Expat in UAE? (Job Vs Business )

Whether you want to do a job or looking for a small size enterprise, it demands 100% of yours and this is the only way to get success in this journey what we call a ‘LIFE’. As compared to job options, I would say business and investment options can make you more stable even after some shocks in the form of business losses. We all, to some extent, recognize the potential financial rewards which can be availed through a business deal.


The potential of real estate in Dubai is perfect for the majority of investors from all over the world. We could attain some good benefits if we can do some proper planning for real estate investment. In short, things are quite smooth and without any saying that there are many benefits of investing in real estate business other options in UAE.

Whether you want to quit your ordinary 9-5 job in a reputed company or looking something in business then banks in UAE can guide you with proper working and services. You can become a full-time real estate investor or take an initiative in another investment project, this would be more appropriate for you instead of saving up for your retirement through a job.

You can approach a private or any other public sector bank in Dubai that proposes different types of services such as deposits, loan, credit cards, investment in real estate, etc. you can also use the option of an Islamic bank with remarkable offers like asset administration, account administration, wealth management and best relationship managers for good relations for business dealings.

Let me explain to you in simple outlines about the working and banking options which are the following:

  • Investment solutions – the majority of the banks offer investment solutions in the field of real estate, stock exchange and forex trading to their clients. Without the help of an expert, it would be a very immature decision to invest in a specific market because an individual isn’t capable to understand the local market trends. There are many important things that need to be considered as what is the latest options in a certain area, which time is most appropriate with ups and downs market conditions and the amount which should be invested.
  • Personal loan facility – one can take a personal loan option from a bank in the form of home loan, mortgage loan, business loan and one specific for emirates or outsiders.as we all know that conditions vary from client to client considering a specific bank. There are many other attractive options for the majority of the expatriates in UAE like real estate financing without down payment, fixed deposits, loan and mortgage offers, credit cards, investment suggestions, accounts and asset management etc.

I think one should be enough clear now about the options for a business and a job in UAE. According to my personal opinion and research, I have done so far the business idea is more workable and profitable. While on the other side multinational corporations with a handsome amount of salary packages aren’t a bad option, but it depends what are your priorities.

How to start a business in the UAE?

You have either enough money to invest in a specific project or don’t have a single penny to take an initiative for a small business idea. The first option is clear with the complete headset but the second way is quite complicated. Here investment banks in UAE especially services of Mashreq bank are incredible and this bank can serve you with maximum ease. But the question is how? Very simple through personal loans in the Emirates. What are the loan options and for what purpose these can be used are as following: Personal loan – whether it’s a home loan that one can be used for domestic purposes or a business loan for a small business plan, it works for all expatriates.

You can manage your financial part through such loans. Investment loan – such types of offers are only specified for business and corporate services. You can even be asked for a maximum amount of loan but it will be provided on a higher interest rate.

Well moving towards our main heading, any bank in UAE is like a monetary organization that works as a stock agent with the help of a financial expert. This is the most perfect resource person for how to get into an investment market and can serve the customers who are interested in making the investment in a specific market. You can take the option of public stocks like stock markets and forex trading for investment or can invest in a property, your financial expert can help you with all means.

We will recommend you to don’t take any action on your personal behalf for any business because this is a matter of money involvement. Risk is pretty high and even most of you don’t have any idea about local trading trends. Instead, approach a suitable bank to deal with all matters to increase your chances of getting profit.


Which bank is most suitable, it depends on two conditions:

  • A bank which can provide you Islamic as well as conventional banking under the same roof
  • A bank which can serve you on easy terms and conditions

If we talk about the best Islamic loan in Emirates which is available on easy installments, only I would take the option of Mashreq bank. the most renowned and credible one and everyone can find attractive packages like investment solutions, wealth management, insurance policies and above all the personal loan facilities. Currently, Mashreq bank also deals with forex trading to entertain the newcomers; micro trading, and stock shares. You can visit the online portal of Islamic investment and online brokerage with complete information about terms and conditions.

What are options for emirates and outsiders in terms of banking services, it is necessary to do some research work and compare the rates of different banks.

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