Compare Energy Prices to Reduce Energy Bill

Compare Energy Prices to Reduce Energy Bill

Saving is an important aspect of one’s financial strength; however, the frequent energy price hikes is a major concern. Most of the major energy providers like British Gas, Scottish Power, and Scottish & Southern have declared their estimated price rise this year. It is prudent to compare energy prices from competing suppliers rather than to settle with old standard variable tariff plans from large players. It is also time to take control of your energy expenses and check if you can do something to make your home more energy efficient and reduce energy bill. These are some easy hacks to control energy footprint and disappoint energy suppliers with lower bills.

compare energy prices

7 secret tips to fight back heavier energy bills

  1. 1. Say ‘No’ to the price increase

According to the government law energy suppliers are bound to give you notice for price hike at least 30 days prior (Love Money). After receiving the notice you have 20 working days (four weeks) to reject the price rise. Hence, you have right to say ‘no’ against price hike and switch to possible cheaper gas and electric deals.

  1. 2. Switch to Fix Deals

Try to compare energy prices and switch to fixed deals. Energy companies are competing in price hike with no price cap (till now), which is indulging them to set different price tags for different month/year. A fix deal can save you from sudden bill hikes.

  1. 3. Become an online customer

Many large energy suppliers save their best deals for online customers. Compare energy prices on online deals and choose the cheapest gas and electric deal. On your lucky day, you may get a hefty discount – as much as £100 a year on the energy bill.

  1. 4. Check your energy meter regularly

Monitor your energy meter at regular intervals. Don’t let your power supplier guess your average energy consumption rate. Rather provide an accurate meter reading. Check your meter readings in every three months (least) and pen it down. If they have credited you in advance and your current bill is lower than the average bill, you are eligible for a refund.

  1. 5. Replace Boiler

According to Energy Saving Trust, a boiler swallows 79pc of total fuel usage (This is Money). Replace your old cracked boiler with a new A-rated efficient model. Replacing an old boiler can save you as much as £237 a year (This is Money).

  1. 6. Use Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient window is a smart choice to reduce your carbon footprint as well as an energy bill. The double glazed windows have glasses with space (~16mm) in between that helps in creating insulation. For better insulation, you can also install three sheets of glass. (Energy Saving Trust).

  1. 7. Plant deciduous trees

Plant shady trees around your home to create shady spots which can cut off your air conditioning bill to some extent. On the other hand, these trees will lose leaves in winter and allow maximum sunlight enter to your house, which means your heater bill will be reduced.

All these 7 tricks help you to transform your home into an energy efficient house.

If you want to save more on energy then look for cheapest gas and electric deals by comparing energy prices from energy specialists.

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