Easy Tips To Get The Best Quote For Your Life Insurance

Easy Tips To Get The Best Quote For Your Life Insurance

Applying for a life insurance policy is a long process which not only consists of shopping around for a policy with an affordable premium rate but also for an insurer that offers the best quote. 

But how can you ensure that you will be offered the best quotes by the insurer? 

Well, all you would need to do is follow the tips below – 

You should take steps to improve your health ASAP!

Making healthy lifestyle choices not only improves the overall financials of an individual but also ensures that an insurer will not look at them as a ‘high-risk’ case! 

Insurers prefer to charge nominally for their services to applicants who have a stellar health-record. 

One should be mindful about this and for more details; they can always refer to William Penn Life Insurance quotes for New Yorker’s or get in touch with their preferred insurance agent.

Quit smoking before you look for life insurance quotes

If the applicant is a habitual smoker or closely associated himself/herself with the use of tobacco/nicotine-containing products then they will be looking at high insurance premium rates. 

The reason is simple –  

An insurer, at the end of the day, is running a business and they should charge more from an applicant whose chances of leading a long and healthy life are slim since nicotine/tobacco users seldom live long and healthy lives. 

Nicotine/tobacco users are considered as ‘high risk’ cases by an insurer hence, if one is planning to apply for a life insurance policy then they should quit smoking at least six months before doing so! 

One cannot lie about this since traces of nicotine still linger in the human body even after the user has stopped using tobacco products. Hence, when the insurer will conduct a medical examination to reveal whether or not the applicant is forthcoming about their smoking habit when proven otherwise, the application could get rejected. If not, then the insurer will charge a very hefty premium amount in their quote!

Ensure you have a clean driving record

Applicants who have a comprehensive history of – 

  • Getting speeding tickets
  • Pending DUI cases
  • Instances of rash driving and
  • Related infractions or rather encounters with the law should prepare to look at quotes with high premium rates and overall costs!

An applicant with a minimum of four or more traffic-related violations which took place in the last three years could also witness that their insurance application is being rejected by the insurer. 

Similar to an applicant’s medical history, one cannot lie about their driving history. The insurer or the agent will conduct a thorough research about the applicant’s overall driving habits by getting in touch with the state’s department of motor vehicles. 

By following the tips mentioned above, it would become easy for you to improve your odds of getting the best possible quote for your life insurance policy. Furthermore, do not forget to seek the assistance of a licensed agent. This will ensure that you are keeping yourself and your loved ones from getting scammed!

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