Eight Reasons to Consider ITAD (Information Technology Asset Disposition)

Eight Reasons to Consider ITAD (Information Technology Asset Disposition)

From hardware and software deployment to cloud computing and cybersecurity, managed service providers and value-added resellers provide a reliable, robust, and growing spectrum of IT services. But managed service providers and value-added resellers business can ignore a service, IT Asset Dispense (ITAD), which can significantly benefit both you and your customer. Let’s grasp some reasons why an asset disposition company is a rule now.

1. Keep Track Of Your All Your Assets

You will need to use asset tracking and asset reporting to ensure that every device is accounted for, mainly if you are getting rid of several entities with different specifications. Luckily, you can use many online portals, which can track items throughout the process in real-time. This way, you can have an impressive paper trail that you can follow. You will also get an assurance that every property has been removed from your company’s insurance, maintenance, and financial arrangements.

2. Protect Your Records from Theft

You will be surprised to know that hundreds of millions of confidential records are stolen due to insufficient security. The average price per theft in data can run into hundreds of dollars per record, and even for some lower amounts.

Trying to avoid data breaches should be a top priority for every company if they value the preservation of their intelligence in this scary scenario. Shredding, crushing, degaussing, and erasing hard drive data are some of the many options available at your disposal.

Therefore, it is indeed possible to prevent data breaches from occurring. However, the best way to ensure that you are protected is to join hands with a vendor who will assure, in writing that all your confidential business data will be disposed of with the unit, in a proper way.

3. Create New Sources to Generate Revenue

When you decide to add ITAD to your portfolio, it opens up multiple revenue streams generated by various services. Plus, ITAD also throws up hitherto hidden revenue opportunities from a recoverable value in decrypted IT assets. Let’s clear it. Typically, many of these decommissioned devices can be rebuilt and given to wholesale and retail buyers. You can gain more revenue through the resale of IT components, precious metals, and non-ferrous scrap, as other sources of bringing in the cash.

4. Help To Build a Clean and Green Environment

ITAD is an environmentally-friendly approach. It is entirely green, meaning it is good for the earth, good for your brand, and consistent with most customer organizations’ values. Besides, Reuse of IT assets and responsible recycling keep electronics out of landfills. And in some countries, the hazardous and sensitive material can keep out of the dumping grounds. An ITAD strategy and a partner helps you contribute to a safe atmosphere.

5. Streamline with a Work-From-Home Scenario

It is the new normal- working remotely under the COVID-19 pandemic. Meeting the ITAD requirements of a widely dispersed workforce can be challenging for employers. But at the same time this set –up opens the door for you to reduce your customers’ burden. It secures an advantage with the availability of optional IT hardware. It is an important consideration in times of hardware shortages. You can make your customers’ employees perform better by supplying them with refurbished equipment.

6. Consistent With Customer Retention and Growth

ITAD is a valuable addition to your service details. It is the solution to an increasingly complex set of issues that your customers must address; especially if they are facing difficulties and looking for help. By offering ITD services, you remove a lot of burden from their shoulders. You will increase your competitive edge and help promote your organization’s customer retention and growth along the way. You can never go wrong with the implementation of an ITAD strategy.

7. Adds On To Your Current Data Security Provisions

There is every possibility that you already offer managed security products and services. The big question is – can you help protect data that resides on your client’s decrypted IT hardware?

If data breaches occur, and they happen regularly, the failures expose companies to lawsuits and penalties. In many instances, these violations result from improper handling of decrypted computer equipment. An all-encompassing and efficient ITAD solution will prevent this from happening by ensuring the destruction of property-sensitive data at the asset’s end of life stages. A trustworthy asset disposition company will ensure safe disposals in compliance with rigorous national policies.

8. For The Final Word

Now you know about the importance and the reasons of ITAD, it’s time to partner with a reputable and professional firm, to address all the security, protection, pilferage, and the misuse of sensitive data with the proper IT equipment and data disposals. Connect with Lindon Engineering Services to make the most of every asset.

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