Everything you must know about Accident Cover in two wheeler insurance

Everything you must know about Accident Cover in two wheeler insurance

If you own a two-wheeler then it is important to purchase a suitable two wheeler insurance policy. A two wheeler insurance policy may provide you with various add-on features. However, one of the covers that you must go for is a personal accident cover. In case of an injury or death of the rider or the pillion, the policy will provide the cover amount to the nominee. In case the vehicle has been involved in causing damage or loss to a third party in the event of an accident, the personal accident cover provides compensation to the victim and protects you from any kind of legal liabilities. We will have a look at what else an accident cover provides and how it is helpful for you if you purchase this add-on cover.

Benefits of availing an accident cover in two wheeler insurance

There are various benefits that you will get to enjoy if you purchase an accident cover in two wheeler insurance:

  • Provides cover in case of death due to an accident: Life is unpredictable, and you may lose your life due to an accident while riding your two-wheeler vehicle. If you are the sole earning member of your family, then in case of your death, the members of your family may face problems in taking care of their day-to-day needs. Hence, your personal accident cover can be of huge help as it compensates the nominee by paying the Accidental Death Benefit allowing your loved ones to take care of their financial needs even if you are not around.
  • It provides cover in case of disability: In case of an accident, while you were riding your vehicle, there is a possibility that you may get permanently or temporarily disabled. In such cases, you will receive compensation which will allow you to take care of your future needs even if you are unable to work and provide for your family.
  • Hospitalisation cash benefit: In case you are hospitalised due to an accident, you will be provided with daily hospitalisation cash benefits by your insurer.
  • Claim assistance: Most of the insurance companies provide claim-related assistance 24×7 so that the process related to the filing of the claim is easy and hassle-free in nature.

Two Wheeler Insurance

Kinds of liabilities covered under a personal accident

cover in two wheeler insurance

Below is the breakdown regarding the compensation you will receive depending on the type of injury sustained by you. You must note that you will be provided with compensation in case you die or suffer from an injury:

Injuries  Percentage of compensation
Death 100%
Permanent injuries 100%
Loss of one limb and one eye 50%
Loss of two limbs and two eyes 100%

Exclusions under Accident Cover in two wheeler insurance

You must be aware of the exclusions under two wheeler insurance and the circumstances for which the insurer will not provide coverage to you. Some of the exclusions under a two wheeler insurance policy are:

  • If you have pre-existing injuries or disabilities.
  • If you got injured or die while riding your vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • If you commit suicide or sustain injuries due to attempted suicide, or self-inflicted injuries.
  • If you suffer from any form of mental disorder.
  • If you commit any criminal act.
  • If you take part in a sport or activity which is hazardous to your life.

Claim procedure under Accident Cover in two wheeler insurance

 Below are the stages related to the claim procedure that you will have to follow while filing for a claim under Accident Cover in bike insurance:

  • File an FIR stating the accident and other details related to the event.
  • Inform the insurance company.
  • The insurance company will send an inspector who will inspect the vehicle.
  • Once the survey has been completed and the inspector is sure that you must be paid the compensation, the insurance company will pay you the cover amount.

Documents needed to be produced while filing for a claim

 Below are the documents that you will have to produce while filing for a claim. They are:

  • The vehicle owner’s name and contact details.
  • The policy documents.
  • Time, date, and the location at which the accident took place.
  • Description of the accident.
  • FIR report.
  • Death and post-mortem certificate are to be submitted by the nominee.
  • Medical reports.
  • An estimate of the loss incurred by the victim.

Hence, these are some of the things that you must know before purchasing a Personal Accident Cover. It is important that you evaluate your insurance needs and compare various plans before purchasing a two wheeler insurance policy. A personal accident cover is a brilliant feature and you must surely purchase it as it provides extra coverage to you.

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