Want to Invest in PMS? Hire the Professional Fund Managers PMS Aif World

Want to Invest in PMS? Hire the Professional Fund Managers PMS Aif World

Portfolio management service or PMS is offered by the professional fund managers to the informed investors and are tailored as per their specific investment goals. The professional PMS AIF fund managers invest straight in the securities through the focused portfolios. Costs in the PMS option are a bit higher than MF but it is because there’s the higher customization than mutual funds that generally give you the blanket portfolio, which is formed at the macro level. Before we know about PMS, let’s check out what is PMS and the importance of PMS funds.

 What’s PMS?

PMS is “Portfolio Management Services” and every company has got this service offering facility that facilitates their customers back-end support in managing the portfolio.

You will be provided skilled PMS investment advisors who are informed about the market happenings as well as will guide you better on the important investment choice. There are a few more things that they provide like – 

  •         They know your requirements and type of returns you expect from the investments and what segments you want to invest.
  •         They take complete responsibility for managing the portfolio.
  •         They make decisions that will prosper investor’s wealth.
  •         They recommend you what to do in a share market.
  •         They will track the market & invest your funds as per your requirements.

 How Should You Invest in Portfolio Management Services?

Investors generally think of investing in the PMS for getting huge growth to their earnings. Suppose you want to have huge growth then you must find the best PMS investment advisors that will give you the right idea. Besides there are a few important points that you need to know before investing in PMS, the investor has to invest at least INR 25 lakhs, it is a minimum threshold.

There’re generally two ways of investing in PMS funds and they are given below-

The investors have an option of investing in PMS via cheque. When this cheque is given to the PMS AIF Fund Manager he begins the investment process on your behalf.

The PMS investment can be done by transferring the shares to a PMS account. This amount of the transferred portfolio has to be more than its minimum investment criteria. Generally, the investors should have INR 25 lakhs to invest in the PMS funds.

Besides this, an investor will need to sign a few documents like – POA agreement, PMS agreement, demat account opening & other few documents such as ID proof, PAN card and age proof are a few important documents.

 What are the fees charged?

The fees charged to the investors come in three segments –forthright expense, administration charge as well as exhibition charge.

  •         Management Charges –The PMS investment scheme charges fees for the Fund Management and it differs from 1 – 3 percent contingent on a PMS supplier. It will be charged on the quarterly premise to a PMS account.
  •         Fixed Fee – Certain PMS investment schemes have the fixed segment in profit sharing segment & charge fixed monthly expense.
  •         Entry Load –The PMS schemes will have 2 – 3 percent load and charged at an hour of buying the PMS.

 Final Words

A Portfolio Management Service is unique in many different ways. It creates the unique portfolio for the investors that are suited to their needs. The PMS AIF World is the professional PMS company in India that offers you the perfect mix of investment portfolios that is customized as per your investment & liquidity needs over the period of time.

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