How Are Microloans Benefitting For The Poor?

How Are Microloans Benefitting For The Poor?

Everybody knows that a microfinance company in India works for the benefit of the poor. You can read this article to understand how they help.

There are multiple ways in which microfinance institutions benefit the poorest of the poor. They do this by empowering people in the most disadvantaged communities to create and expand their businesses. One of the reasons for the success of MFIs has been its ability to reach out to people living in the remotest parts of India who are unable to access the traditional financial mechanism. Here are some of how microloans have benefitted the poor:


  • MFIs have provided small business owners with the capital they needed to start, expand and operate their own business. The reliable source of credit promised by microfinance institutions allows small micro-entrepreneurs and enterprises to plan and manage their economic activities in an organized manner with consistent cash flow. With a small size of the loan, which is often as little as US$100, MFIs have, for many, opened up the opportunity to dream. While the size of the loan may seem too little for people living in developed countries, it is quite a significant sum for people living on US$2 or less per day.
  • The increased income that these businesses generate along with people’s ability to obtain and save loans, MFIs have helped the poor in building their assets. This has been done by providing microfinance loans that were used to purchase land, livestock, and poultry or improve their homes. These are often the people who do not have any credit or collateral to support their borrowings from traditional banks which is why they are often left without any access to credit.
  • A microfinance company in India can even reduce the vulnerability of the poorest sections of a community. By allowing people, the access to credit, insurance, and savings MFIs can help regulate cash flows for people who could run into times when they lose all access to food, shelter, clothing, education or healthcare. Microfinance plays an important role in trying times making it easier to handle unfortunate events like a sudden accident or sickness in the family.

Usually the poor do not only struggle with extremely low incomes but also irregular income from an uncertain source. People also need some accumulated savings to manage the expected commitments like the fees for their children’s education or expense for their wedding. On top of that, a single unfortunate incident can send a family right back into poverty even if it has worked its way out of it. MFIs not only provide access to loans in such troubling times but they often allow savings facility which will benefit people in times of crisis.

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