How to Invest in Stock Market – Beginners Guide

How to Invest in Stock Market – Beginners Guide

Today, the stock market has become the biggest and leading market in the world. Historically, during the early stages, the stock market investors were limited as not everyone knew about it.

With an increase in the number of participant investors, the competition has also increased. Hence it becomes quite important to have proper knowledge of the stock market before diving into it.

In this article, we will focus completely on getting the complete details of the stock market and how to invest in Stock Market.

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Starting with the basic details of the market will help a beginner know some valuable things like knowing what a stock market is. 

What is a Stock Market?

How to Invest in Stock Market

Stock Market is a place where companies list themselves publicly, and people are allowed to buy and sell their stocks. People can find the best stocks for them and make money. 

The company wants to raise a particular amount from the market, and a single individual can’t afford such a big amount, so small shares are made so that people can buy the shares. 

Now, after knowing about the stock market, many of you might wonder why people invest and share.

Don’t worry; your doubt will be cleared in the next section.

Why Invest in the Stock Market?

How to Invest in Stock Market

The stock market investment adds some extra money to your account. 

Didn’t get it?

Let’s understand it with an example,

Whenever a company wants to grow itself, it requires a lot of capital. To meet the requirements, the company lists itself publically and sells the shares to the people to seek funding.

After getting the desired funds, the company will use your money to meet their needs, and there are two possibilities now, getting successful or failing in doing so. If the company grows, then, in return, it gives the benefits to the investors, called profit. On the other hand, if the company suffers a loss, the investors have to suffer.

You will be amazed to know that people earn millions every year just by investing in the market.

So, what makes them earn this much amount?

It is their knowledge, dedication, hard work, and experience. But, among these, knowledge matters the most as without knowledge, you can’t earn a penny out of it.

Seems interesting? Why not, as you can choose this as your full-time job and earn more than what you will earn working at some office. Moreover, investment doesn’t require any degree or qualification; you can just start investing as and when you think you are ready.

How to Invest in Stock Market?

It is never difficult to make your first investment, but it is also true that the first investment may not be your best investment.

To begin your journey as an investor, you can follow the following steps to make your first-ever investment.

  • Opening a Brokerage Account:

 What is a brokerage account? 

This is a specially designed account used for holding the stocks. 

How to open a brokerage account?

Various online brokerage firms allow you to open it without any charges, and it just takes a few minutes to open a brokerage account. Also, you can open it by taking help from some broker, but the broker may take some charge. 

Why open a brokerage account?

It is a good question, as many of you think that why not use savings account for the transactions. 

It is often advised to keep your professional account different from the savings account. You are also provided with some free trading tools and research when you are a new client, which can be used to make better investments. 

After opening an account, you are now eligible to make your first-ever investment. But wait, before investing, always consider the following things in mind.

  • Budget Setting: 

Setting a budget for yourself is important to save yourself from a big loss. Budgeting helps you to restrict yourself to limiting investment.

Further, it is advised not to invest more than the savings in the greed of getting more profit.

When you set a budget, you only invest the capital that you can afford to lose. 

  • Learning the Market:

When you are ready with the budget and account, you are good to go with your first investment.

You have various options to choose from the list of the stocks available on the trading website if making online purchases of stocks.

Market order: In the market order, the buying and selling of the stocks are done quickly and for the best price. So, this is a fast process of buy and sell.

On the other hand

Limit order: The limit setting is mostly done by experienced investors as here you need to have a deep knowledge of the market. 

Here, you set a minimum and a maximum price of a stock, and when the price is around the minimum, you buy it, and when the price is around the maximum, you sell the stocks and earn the profit.

Virtual trading account:

A virtual trading account is like a try ball in cricket. 

Before real money investment, several online brokers provide a virtual account for practicing trading before directly jumping into the real investment world. To ensure your money safety, virtual trading is done with complete risk-free virtual money.

Short-term v/s Long-term:

It depends on your needs, as if you have to fulfill some short-term goal, then a long investment won’t work.

On the other side, if you plan for your retirement, you can invest in the long run.

Apart from this, the short-term investments are quite risky, and there are lesser profits. Whereas, in the long-term, mostly all the stocks perform well.

It is also advised not to follow the trends and, if possible, try to invest in the long-term to minimize the risk factor.

Then, why do people make short-term investments?

Short-term investments have a high-risk factor associated with them. Hence, it is practiced by big businessmen, and most of the time, they suffer a loss, and sometimes they get rewarded with great profits.

Higher risks = Higher profits

The above relation is true, but a large section of investors consists of middle-class people who can’t risk their capital. Hence, they make investments, trying to minimize the loss of the hard-earned capital, even if they don’t earn profit.

Other ways:

Assume that you are not getting the desired results from the stock market; then, you can start investing in low-cost, mutual funds, or ETFs to reduce the risk factor and gain knowledge and confidence.

During these days, the coronavirus pandemic had led the stock market to fall. Hence, it is obvious to think about the future of the market.


Financial and stock market courses are the ones that teach us to make the best use of our money kept aside by investing in the stock market.

Also, never listen to anybody while investing as no one has seen the future. We can only predict the future by past performance, and predictions are not always accurate.

The article’s objective was to make you aware of the basic knowledge of the stock market and how to invest in the stock market.

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