How do Outsourcing Companies dwindle Agent Turnover Rate?

How do Outsourcing Companies dwindle Agent Turnover Rate?

To make sure that the business grows without dealing with any obstacle, it is prominent for companies to keep the quality of products and services high. This is so because customers always want brands to offer two things:

Reliable products.

Astounding support service.

To match expectations related to support service, business owners mostly bag customer care services from a recognized business process outsourcing company. In order to ensure that clients enjoy a buttressed customer base, BPO organizations instruct their agents to deliver the best during support interactions.

But the major problem that comes in front of customer care service providers is ‘High agent attrition rate.’ This can’t be overlooked because the quality of customer service could be dropped significantly if the required number of support agents isn’t available.

Today, we will tell how well-known outsourcing companies prevent the hassle of high agent turnover rate. So, let’s begin:

1.By improving training programs

The major reason that triggers the problem of agent turnover is ‘Arduous daily targets.’ This factor is worthy to get attention because dealing with a mound of customer service queries isn’t an easy job to do if you don’t have required knowledge.

To make sure that the hassle of agent attrition doesn’t arise so frequently, every reputed business process outsourcing company provides robust and thorough training to their customer-facing employees.

Because of top-notch training, customer service representatives easily wipe out all the mentioned issues during support interactions. This lifts support agents morale as well as job satisfaction level. What’s more, CX levels stay high, which is nothing less than a cherry on the cake. In addition, when you instill your confidence in support service reps by providing high-quality training, it automatically leads to a strong and long-term relationship.

Unlike specialized service providers, in-house call centers often try to shorten the training period, which consequently, creates unnecessary problems for support agents during customer interactions. As a negative aftereffect, this results in agent attrition.

After being acquainted with this fact, there should be no more doubts regarding why reputed BPO organizations strive to improve training programs.

2.By assigning job roles according to skills

Another commendable move that every well-known outsourcing company makes is assigning job roles as per the skillset of customer service representatives. For better understanding, support agents who possess good interpersonal skills to get assigned to handle customer calls while reps have good typing skills are told to deal with live chat support requests.

Owing to this good practice, the problem of agent turnover doesn’t occur. Why? Well, if support agents get that job in which they are specialized, there is a high likelihood that they encounter negligible or minimal hassle while doing their work. This leads to high job satisfaction, which consequently, ensures a long-term relationship.

Needless to mention, when dexterous customer service representatives stick around the business for a long period of time, brand loyalty and recognition is more likely to improve.

3.By offering good incentives

Usually, in-house call centers come across the hassle of agent turnover, and the major reason behind this is their habit of not providing good incentives. This factor cannot be taken lightly because when employees feel that the organization is not offering the basic facilities, they are more likely to leave.

Industry reports also strengthen this point by revealing that low wages and a lack of healthcare benefits are the reasons that cause agent attrition. In addition, two-thirds of call center agents decide whether they will stick with the business or not according to incentive and rewards program.

That’s the main reason why established BPO organizations provide good incentives in order to improve agent retention rate. Even, some of the specialized service providers pay a portion of the health insurance premiums for support service representatives, which as a positive outcome, multiplies agent retention rate 10 times. This is really a good move from the business’s perspective as if you invest in employees, they will invest back in the brand by staying loyal.

All in all, offering attention-grabbing incentives is the key to dwindle agent turnover rate.

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