How To Turn Your 5 Lakhs Into 51% Return On Investment With Bajaj Finance

How To Turn Your 5 Lakhs Into 51% Return On Investment With Bajaj Finance

With numerous investment schemes available, deciding what to do and what approach to follow is difficult. Rs. 5 Lakhs is sizeable investment capital, therefore, your investment choice should be such that it yields excellent returns. It is essential that you invest smartly by identifying your financial goals, determining the approximate corpus needed for fulfilling each objective and evaluating your risk appetite.

Some of the popular investment options available are- Equities, Public Provident Fund (PPF), Mutual Funds, Bank Fixed Deposits, Gold, Real Estate, Senior Citizens Savings Scheme (SCSS), National Pension Scheme (NPS).

Before making any decision, however, assess the following factors:

  • Investing in stocks and securities could be a risky proposition. There are high chances of losing your money, as soon as there is volatility in share prices.

  • PPF is not an attractive investment alternative as it comes with high lock-in periods and low interest rates.

  • Placing your money in mutual funds implies taking a moderately high risk and it offers no tax advantage (except for ELSS – again risky).

  • The liquidity in case of Gold, Real estate, SCSS, and NPS is quite restricted.

Why opt for Fixed Deposit investment?

Considering that most of the above-mentioned options are market-linked, the most feasible investment choice would be a Company FD. There are various non-banking financial companies that offer fixed deposit schemes to their clients.

Fixed deposit or Term deposit is a financial product that provides risk-averse individuals with assured returns. It offers tax saving schemes with good stability and credibility.

Using fixed deposits smartly can help you build a strong corpus. You can earn greater yields, while you spread your investments across multiple FDs over different tenors. Multiple fixed deposits one after the other will create a sequence of maturities and tenors to fulfill your economic objectives. This is known as Laddering strategy.

Why is Bajaj Finance FD better than Bank FD?

The Current Interest rates provided by private sector banks are relatively lower than those offered by non-banking financial entities. Minimum deposit amount and double-digit returns also make corporate FDs more attractive.

Banks offer interest on FDs as high as 7%. However, Bajaj Finance, which is a well-known and respected NBFC offers the best FD rates starting from 8.60% with a minimum investment amount of Rs. 25,000.

Banks 7% Interest

Bajaj Finance FD (minimum 8% interest)

Principal Amount

Rs 5,00,000 for 1 year

Rs 5,00,000 for 1 year

Interest you earn

Rs. 35,930

Rs. 40,000

The difference in interest earnings is Rs. 4,090. Bajaj Finance FD would be a good investment opportunity as it can offer a Return On Investment (ROI) of up to 51% on your investment, unlike a bank FD.

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits are known for:

Returns on Investment: Bajaj Finance fixed deposit is a secure investment that yields reasonably high levels of returns. This helps to create long-term wealth by resisting inflation.


Interest rates





New customer


5 lakhs

5 years



Senior citizens


5 lakhs

5 years



Existing customers


5 lakhs

5 years



As shown in the table above, you can easily earn an easy return of 51% on Rs 5 lakhs for a 5-year tenor.

Online Processing: With Bajaj Finance, it is a hassle-free and smooth investment process. You can start investing just by filling up an online form and their representative guides you further through the plan.

Safety: Bajaj Finance FD has high credibility ratings by CRISIL and ICRA. Thus, the investments are risk- free and secured.

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