Lending a Helping Hand to The Members Of the Workforce In The Form of Earnin Clone App

Lending a Helping Hand to The Members Of the Workforce In The Form of Earnin Clone App

Loan approval and borrowing money have always been an exhausting process. Paying back with the interest rate imposed on it is another tiring process on its whole. Although payday loans are to the rescue, they have a high- interest rate of mostly 30-50%. There are quite a few apps like Earnin which offer financial service. These apps allow users to borrow a certain amount from their paycheck in advance without any interest or mandatory fee. Later the borrowed amount is auto-detected from the user’s salary account on the payday.

Few companies offer payday lending app development services. Developing an Earnin clone app has a massive scope because many people are muddled with financial uncertainty during the pandemic. Employees who depend on monthly pay could use a helping hand through the Earnin clone app. 

Advantages of using an app like Earnin clone app

  • The drudgery of paying back the loan with a rate of interest is avoided.
  • It is a quick and easy process to get money without having to wait for long hours at banks.
  • There is no need for any documents or collateral to avail of the loan. The process of borrowing money is simple without any litigations 
  • Using an app like Earinin helps avoid the penalties and additional costs, which is to avail of a payday loan. This helps avoid falling into a debt trap.
  • You need not have to face the pressure of paying back the money after borrowing from friends or relatives.

How does Earnin clone app work

  • The users can log in and create their profile. The users need to update all their information related to salary, payday, and verify their profiles.
  • There is a limit on the amount that can be borrowed depending on the salary of the user. The user needs to calculate the maximum amount they can borrow, using the loan limit calculator.
  • The users can request a loan based on the loan limit. They can claim for any sum of money that is within the maximum limit sanctioned by the app.
  • The admin receives a notification for the request and will take a thorough check on the user’s profile. The admin can approve or reject the application depending on the authentication of the user.
  • Once the profile is verified, the requested amount is transferred to the user’s profiles.
  • The repayment is self-activated during the coming payday of the users.

There are a lot of good app development companies. In choosing a payday lending app development company, it is necessary to see that they offer the following services.


The Earnin clone solutions must be ready-made and can be quickly customized as per the business requirements for quick launch in the market. The Earnin clone app must be 100% customizable.

High Scalability

The company’s Earnin clone script should provide highly scalable solutions. Through this, there is a scope for modifying the app as per preferences in the future. 

Data Privacy

The application must be guarded with end-to-end encryption to ensure app security by which it is guarded against cyber-attacks and data thefts.

Support in case of app rejection

The development team should provide support and assistance if the app submitted for launch on the app platform is subject to dismissal. The company needs to work on discrepancies and relaunch the app. The company should also provide extensive technical support throughout the process of running the app.

Maintenance support

The company should provide maintenance support free of cost for a considerate period. After which the maintenance support can be availed at an affordable price.

App development must be affordable and time-effective.

Since the Earnin clone is ready-made and is applicable for deployment with necessary customizations, it generally should not take much time for launching the app. The cost involved in developing the app is also affordable and doesn’t cost a lot, like developing a new app.

Few essential features of the admin panel that the Earnin clone app must possess

  • A seamless dashboard through which the admin can manage user profiles, transaction information, and much more. In a single platform, the admin can manage loan approval, repayment process, and much more with ease. 
  • Profile approval options for the users who have requested for a loan. The admin can go through the user’s profile and sanction or reject the request.
  • Effective User management options where the admin can identify users violating the terms and conditions of the services offered and can be annulled from using the app
  • The admin can provide added benefits for users processing payment on time or those who access the service for an extended period.
  • The admin has the autonomy to edit, delete, and add the app content as per the requirement of their business.

Considering the pandemic situation that we are facing and the economy’s recession, people have an abundance of needs for loans for medical expenses and other personal affairs. A payday advance app development is a crucial need for the workforce and society at this time.

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