Which are the Best Commercial Banks in India?
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Which are the Best Commercial Banks in India?

Which are the Best Commercial Banks in India?

Today, the commercial banks in India boast various branches and have an extensive network of ATMs across the country. The company offers various products and services to its customers through its various branches.

Some of the products that are offered are import and export duties, product interest rates, customs, direct deposit, safekeeping, money market, personal loans, etc. Other services that the company provides are cash advances, check processing, credit card conversion, foreign currency exchange, etc. Here is a list of those big banks.

State Bank of India

  • There is no doubt when it’s come to Indian banking; the state bank of India is in the number one position. It has the most significant number of branches, ATMs, and employees. It is also the biggest lender in India.
  • You can say if you are looking for a commercial bank in India, it is SBI. In the List of Fortune 500 Companies, it is ranked 232. In 2019, it had won the award of Best Transaction Bank & Best Payment Bank in India.
  • SBI bank personal loan offers one of the cheapest interest rates in India.

HDFC Bank (House Development Finance Corporation Bank) 

  • In Forbes World’s bank report, HDFC was ranked no one bank in India. Headquartered in Mumbai, HDFC has 88,253 permanent employees. In India, it operates in 2,666 Cities with 4,727 branches and 12,220 ATMs.
  • It also has an office in Dubai, Hong Kong, and Bahrain. It has the largest market capitalization in India by a private bank. HDFC has total assets of 11.89 Lakh crore. One can say it is a truly commercial bank in India.
  • In 2019, Business today Awarded HDFC as ‘Bank of the Year and Best Large Bank’ in ‘Money Today Financial Awards 2019.

Why Bank offers interest rate at a cheaper rate

There are several reasons due to which banks offer good competitive rates for their borrowers. First, commercial banks in India can reduce the costs of providing loans to borrowers. By this, they can bring down their fixed administrative costs. As a result, they can also increase their profitability through better customer service. They have a huge number of branches across the country. They can serve the customers of all the currencies.

ICICI Bank (Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India) 

  • In Terms of Assets management, ICICI holds the second rank in India. A truly corporate bank in India, favored by Small, Medium, and Large enterprises. It is a multinational bank presented in 19 countries around the world. It has 5,275 branches in India, with 15,589 ATMs.
  • It has products like wealth management, personal loans, credit cards, and corporate banking. In 2016, it won the “Best retail bank in India” award at the Asian Banker International Excellence.

Kotak Mahindra Bank 

  • Founded in 1985 by Uday Kotak, Kotak Mahindra bank holds second ranks in terms of market capitalization. In 2015, it acquired Bangalore-based bank ING Vysya bank. It has more than 1400 branches in 689 cities with 2,163 in India, offering products from credits to investments. It was one of the first banks that provided a complete Digital account. A person could open the account within 5 minutes.
  • So, these are the best commercial banks in India, which offer the best financial products. They are a combination of Commercial, Corporate, and retail banking.


Let end with a little more information. There are three types of Banks in India.

  • Public Sector Bank – This refers to wherever the main part of the bank’s equity is owned by the govt..the govt. has regarding fifty-one default material possession with the management controlled by the central government. SBI Bank personal loan is a great example of both good bank and a superior loan product.
  • Private Sector Banks – This refers to the category of banks during which the main material possession is a command by the final public. Such business banks underneath this sector embody ICIC Bank, HDFC Bank, etc.

Foreign Banks – This includes banks whose headquarters are outside the country. Usually, these banks solely operate subsidiaries and affiliates within the country. This includes banks like Royal Bank of a European country, Bank of America, Barclays Banks and Deutsche Bank, etc.

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