Why You Need More Than CFP Course Material to Prepare for This Exam

Why You Need More Than CFP Course Material to Prepare for This Exam

Summary: In this article, we discuss some of the reasons why freely available CFP course material isn’t enough and how aspirants can benefit by signing up for a CFP course.

Are you aspiring to earn your CFP charter? The first thing that you’d probably do is download all the CFP course material that is available on the Internet! Tons of study material is made freely available, and aspirants are motivated towards believing they have all it takes to crack this exam. However, merely downloading CFP course material isn’t enough because only a handful of Indians earn their CFP charter every year.

If you are serious about becoming a Certified Financial Planner you must have a plan in action and execute it meticulously. You must prepare for this exam in an organized manner and seek help from the experts. Joining a CFP certified educational institute for the preparatory CFP course is the minimum investment you need to make. Let us take you through some good reasons why CFP aspirants need to take up CFP courses to boost their chances of cracking the exam.

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Attend Guest Lectures 

Most people taking the CFP exam have acquired different skills in the world of business, finance, and academics apart from hard-earned experience spending time in the industry. However, there are certain technical nuances to any exam that you won’t be able to acquire in your daily lives. In a formal classroom, you will have access to guest lectures from teachers and experienced professionals. They would train you in the finer points on cracking this exam and also share important tips that would hold you in good stead on D Day.

Online Mock Test 

If you have taken competitive exams earlier you will be aware of the importance of mock tests and how they can streamline your preparations. This is all the more important for an exam such as CFA which presents to you a bigger challenge testing your problem-solving skills in a limited amount of time. By signing up for a CFP course you will be presented with regular mock tests whose frequency increases as you get close to the exam. This would help you improve your time management skills and get into the exam mode.

Learn Through Assignments

Though CFP aspirants are self-motivated not everyone is up to the mark given the rate of success in earning their charter. When you signup for a CFP course you would be completing regular assignments. These assignments not only help you in polishing your problem-solving ability but also prepare you for the tough exams that lay ahead.

Doubt Clearing Sessions 

This is perhaps the biggest benefit of all in joining a CFP course as you can get all your doubts and queries resolved by experts. As you prepare for this exam you are likely to come across several topics and problems that seem beyond your knowledge or skills. A top-rated educational institution would give you 1-on-1 sessions with experienced educators who will clear your doubts. You can call for these sessions whenever you have doubts, and it helps in strengthening your preparation.

Practice Case Studies

As you’d know CFA is focused on testing your analytical skills and the ability to solve problems instead of your theoretical knowledge. Aspirants taking the rote learning route haven’t fared well in this exam. Reading through case studies and solving the problems that businesses have faced is one of the best ways of preparing for this exam. Along with the CFP course material educational institution also offer you case studies and this helps you develop the confidence to solve problems during the exam.

To conclude, cracking the CFP exam requires complete focus and thorough preparation where freely available CFP course material isn’t always enough. By signing up for a CFP course and attending regular guest lectures and interactive sessions, you’d improve your prospects of earning the charter and set the foundation for a successful career in the world of finance.

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